Beny Au & Eric Zhu Decai | Side by Side


wernisaż: 17.12.2019, godzina 19:00
Galeria Design UAP
ul. Wolnica 9 | Poznań

Thoughts, behaviors, happenings, phenomena; through record, analysis, research, induction, imagination, creation, transformation; turning into stories, emotions, energy, rituals, sensory journeys – this is exactly how an exhibition is created. The cultural message conveyed by an exhibition influences every audience’s preference, values and beliefs. It affects our economic, political, and lifestyle choices, which eventually shapes up the thoughts, behaviors, happenings and phenomena in the society.  It is an endless cycle, and thus, we have again new propositions and new curatorial content to work on.
When transforming from the role of designer to curator, we never grow tired of putting imagination into practice, and that is the delight of curatorial work, which we savor the enjoyment from exploring brand new artistic expressions. There is a common ground with curation and design, where they complete each other, but can also be broken apart.  Our work is to see as much as possible, to think, and to make judgements, to refine, to create and to consider how to maneuver emotions to tell an interesting story, and to send a clear message through this sensory journey.
As curators, what we design, is an experience that opens up a distinctive perspective.  An exhibition is like a secondary creation based on the creators’ works.  In different locations and different spaces, even though for the same exhibition with the same group of works, it will not appear the same because of the different presentation and design. Making exhibitions in different cities and spaces require adaptation to local conditions. The location, cultural habits, people, space functionality and ambience are what exhibition design needs to consider.  Every little detail will affect the audiences’ experience.
When realizing such differences, it allows us to have a sharper mind and a more vivid attitude, to work together and complete every new sensory journey, connecting each other through new exhibitions, and stimulate more inspiration and passion.

Benny Au (Hong Kong)
Eric Zhu Decai (Shenzhen)