Dear Sirs
University of the Arts in Poznań with Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. are pleased to invite you to the Exhibition entitled SPACE DIRECTION to be held during UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm on June 10-12 Solaris at stand nr A1100.
To get invitations to visit the exhibition free of charge, kindly use the link found below:

The exhibition entitled ”DIRECTION:SPACE” presents ten artists’ statements on the issue of space. Space that is not understood only as what surrounds us and in which all physical phenomena take place, but also one that refers to meanings, time, intimacy, social phenomena and imagination, as well as other less specific ones.
Space can be experienced from different points of view: we may perceive it from a distance, as a limited and closed form, but we may also perceive it from the inside, being present in it or filling it up with ourselves. Is space a vacuum? What does it contain? Does it have its own matter? Is it logical? Is it conceivable at all? Is it open or closed? Does it expand? Or maybe does it shrink? How many dimensions does it have? Do parallel spaces exist? Do they intersect? Or maybe they exist independently, without any bilateral impact.
Our search, our drawing up of the concept, has a character of a thesis based on imagination, or perhaps a premonition. Is it up to the artists to seek answers to those questions? Rather we try to outline the problems that appear in the perspective of seeing. The exhibition presents the topic of space in a multithreaded way. Space is both fundamental and unspecified issue. In art it becomes a metaphore, an inspiration, a metaphysical question, it
is a matter for constant cognition or maybe rather recognition. Terms are incredibly capacious, but at the same time imprecise. It seems that they are trying to define something that is impossible to define in its entirety.

Describing and understanding the nature of the world through signs-words is an incomplete message, and therefore its shape, is unrecognised. It might be even unrecognisable at all, because of our fragmentary and unobjective perception. Nevertheless this does not mean that we do not try to find ourselves in the chaos that surrounds us due to our curiosity or the desire to learn.
Someone said: ”Artist shall know everything or know nothing at all”. First attitude is impossible. It is true that subsequent discoveries multiply questions. Usually we learn how some things happen, but we can never clearly answer why, therefore, guided by a critical attitude to constantly changing knowledge, intuition becomes an extremely important tool for an artist.
Referring to direct cognition, not preceded by reasoning, regarding to the imposing belief that cannot be fully justified, we try to build an image of experiencing and sensing the world. The artist searches for truth and only in art may appear those that contradict each other. Thus, they are subjective points of view that can never be considered unambiguous. That is why we are constantly in the process of cognition; in a kind of a vicious circle, moving along an arc and returning to the same place from time to time.
The artists of the Poznań artistic community have been invited to take part in the exhibition. The collection of works is very diverse due to the cultural background of the decades from which the works of artists taking part in the exhibition originate. My intention was to create an egalitarian space, one in which art is not valued only through the creator’s statute, but where its quality results from seeing the world with different sensitivity. Therefore, among the invited are professors but also younger artists who has just begun their artistic path. The image of art is a manifestation of the times, the shape of art is the mirror of experiencing the world. Each generation has its own image. Therefore, such a diversity of views seems to be extremely interesting and deserving of attention.
Dr hab. Maciej Przybylski