Sławomir Brzoska, Ryszard Ługowski

Paulina Sylwestrowicz, Tomasz Wilmański

10 March 2019 (Sunday)

Atrium, building B, ul. 23 lutego 20, Poznań

The artistic presentation entitled TE BYT II organized by Galeria AT will cover the ideas of freedom and personal identity. It will be dedicated to all people who cannot  freely decide about their lives. This presentation is our way of expressing deep respect towards the centuries-old culture of Tibet.  Tibetans live on the ‘Roof of the World’ and are unique among other nations. This uniqueness stems from the fact that their lives are entirely devoted to Buddhist philosophy. Throughout the centuries, their national identity has shifted from ethnocentric imperialism to modern-day philosophy focued on spirituality and respect for all living things. Every year, 10 March is celebrated as the TibetanUprising Day to commemorate the anniversary of the national uprising that broke out in 1959.