University of the Arts Poznan has agreements with nearly 70 partner schools from all over the world. Accepting around 30 exchange students every semester makes a great opportunity to create international information and education flow for both polish and foreign students.

We accept students of both Bachelor and Master degree in the field of Fine Arts, Intermedia and Design.
Exchange students are welcome to apply for both Autumn Semester (October-January) and Spring Semester (February-June). The deadlines are:

  • for Autumn Semester – June 30th
  • for Spring Semester – November 30th

Complete application should include:

  • Application Form (with picture attached)
  • portfolio


About courses

University of the Arts Poznan is well known for its open structure which allows students to engage in various kinds of artistic activity. Studios are open to students from different degree programmes and levels of study. It ensures a constant flux of new ideas, enhances creativity and opens student to different points of view.

Exchange students coming to our University are not restricted only to the courses included in their main degree programme, but are also able to choose a number of free choice studios of art and design from other faculties. For example, a student of Photography can, apart from Photography Studios, join a studio of Sculpture, Design, Graphic Arts etc.

All students are obliged to choose at least one Drawing Studio.

Choice of studios, however, should be made in accordance with the requirements of each student’s university.

Upon arrival, students will be contacted with the Coordinator of their main Faculty to obtain additional information and a detailed classes schedule.


Basic requirements

Incoming students are asked to prepare Before the Mobility part of their Learning Agreement based on the list of available courses provided by the UAP (see the PDF file attached above).

Exchange students are obliged to confirm the list of courses chosen with the UAP International Exchange Office within 2 weeks of the beginning of each semester.