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„How to balance myself and the world
In this world there are so many rules. On one hand,  I want to do something in my style, but I can’t. I must obey the rules. On the other hand, the world changes, develops, but  existence is still closer to struggling then happiness. Psychologist say that rules are important .For example, for children for them to feel save. I wonder it is also relating to the power given to or rather taken by Authorities to draw the World, the existence of each individual.
The cubes and white lines on the painting like the rules in the world. I use the over–drawing way to express there are so many rules throughtout the life. I struggle to come out the cubes, to break the rules. But sometimes I need follow these rules, it will give me safety.
I am a Chinese girl. I have written from up to down in the form of Chinese  calligraphy to express my views on art and philosophy of art. Before that, my painting is another picture, but I’m getting lost in the process of inspiration, so I overthrow it. I will think again and again for art direct expression in painting process. And philosophy itself is the dialectical thinking that is established, overturned, re-established and overthrown”.


Weining Cai
Department of Painting and Drawing
Painting Studio VII
Prof. dr hab. Tomasz Siwiński, prof. zw.