It is a great pleasure inform about the exhibition of contemporary Polish artists entitled “Shortcuts”, co-organized by the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Hong Kong and the University of the Arts in Poznań.

Works of four internationally acclaimed Polish artists: Agnieszka MoriRafał GórczyńskiMaciej Kurak and Szymon Szymankiewicz are available for the visitors from 30 September – 5 November 2017 at MUSE Gallery (Hotel Stage, Basement, Jordan Station exit B2, 1 Chi Wo St.)

Curators: Mateusz Bieczyński, Martyna Nowak

The exhibition entitled Shortcuts is referring to the artistic symbolization as a creative language of describing reality. It is presenting the works of four Polish artists: Agnieszka Mori, Rafał Górczyński, Maciej Kurak and Szymon Szymankiewicz. Even though the artistic tools they favor are very different – ranging from prints, video-art, 3D object and watercolors to posters – all of them are creating visual representations of ideas and values, which are evoking the imagination of the observer and forcing him or her to use the abstract way of thinking. Suggestions, associations and the play with common sense are hence the crucial elements of their artistic strategy. While the idea for the exhibition has been present in artists’ minds for months, the similarity of their works, so different at the first sight, would surely become clearer for the visitors who will be able to see all the works arranged together, trying to tell the complex story of life and the times we are living in, as well as its diversity, which is stressed by the different technics and approaches taken by the artists.

It should be highlighted that the idea of the exhibition’s arrangement has been inspired by the exhibition space itself and the masterpiece of joining different styles of works in the Art Bridge Concept of the Hotel Stage and Muse Gallery. Acknowledging the effort of creating such a space, Mori, Górczyński, Kurak and Szymankiewicz’s pieces will serve not only as a bridge between Hong Kong and Polish artists, but also as another example of how much can be said with a very simple form.