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UAP is visited annually by students from many different countries and Polish students go abroad. Moreover, the university has an extensive exchange program with non-European countries such as China, Israel, Brazil, Japan and the United States. UAP also offers a program called ‘Study in English’, which allows young people to study all fields and specializations in English. Many students from different parts of the world benefit from this program every year.


Why study at UAP?

University of the Arts Poznan (UAP) is Poland’s largest fine art academy. It offers 14 degree programs (both BA and MA). It is a major artistic and academic centre with a century-long history. It hires more than 250 staff members, among whom are renowned artists, high class art scholars, curators, researchers and designers.

UAP is a perfect choice for international students who wish to pursue their degrees in English. It offers the following Bachelor and Master degree studies: Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Landscape Design, Design, Furniture Design, Interior Design, Stage Design, Intermedia and Photography.

Due to international regulations, diplomas awarded at UAP will be recognized across Europe and the United States.  Studies at UAP offer excellent quality as the classes are taught by artists and scholars who are renowned specialists in their fields.

It is also worth mentioning that the city of Poznan itself makes a perfect setting for artistic studies. It’s a vibrant city where history and modernity blend together creating a distinctive atmosphere. The city offers rich cultural life and students of UAP have an opportunity to take part in a whole range of cultural and artistic events. Poznań is also well connected with many European cities which makes travelling fairly convenient.


Study Programmes

UAP offers 11 degree programmes in English.

Their full list is vailable here: Study Programmes


Enrolment Procedure

Required documents:

  •  bilingual application form (and cover letter)
  • original, certified-true copy or photocopy of a school completion certificate – corresponding to the Polish matura for BA applicants; original, certified-true copy or notarized photocopy of bachelor’s or master’s diploma, original matura certificate for MA applicants. Legalized or apostilled documents (legalization can be obtained in a Polish embassy or consulate)
  • if applying for an MA course – a document confirming the curriculum of the studies already completed (supplement, transcript/marks record) medical certificate confirming good health and fitness for a given course (English translation)
  • undertaking to take insurance at the Polish National Health Fund immediately upon commencing the course.
  • full-color scans of all pages in your passport
  • 4 full-color photographs
  • language certificate – corresponding to the international B1 level
  • if applying for an MA course: a letter of recommendation (in English) from a professor from your BA university
  • a portfolio of not more than 15 works (drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, films or multimedia projects, depending on your major). The works in your portfolio should not be older than 2 years. No more than 3 movie files (*.mov) can be included. Please send your portfolios by email and by regular mail (on a DVD) until June 30. You will find more details about the portfolios in the “Download” section.

Important deadlines and requirements

June 30 – deadline for submitting documents and portfolios by email (full-color scans of documents including application form signed by the applicant) and for paying nonrefundable enrolment fee of EUR 200.00.

Enrolment fee should be made to the following account:

Account holder: Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu
Address: Al. Karola Marcinkowskiego 29, 60-967 Poznan, Poland
Bank: PKO BP III RCK/Poznan
Address: Plac Wolności 3, 60-914 Poznan
Account number: PL 94 1020 4027 0000 1802 1425 6764

July 15 – cover letters and portfolios of applicants shall be reviewed by the recruitment board appointed by the Senate of the University of the Arts Poznan. Each applicant will be informed about the result. The maximum score is 15 points and the minimum eligibility score is 10 points (the maximum scores are: 5 points for cover letter and 10 points for portfolio).
Accepted applicants are required to pay the tuition fee for the first year or for the first semester until 15 August.

The tuition fee is:
• EUR 5000 for 1 year of BA studies (payment can be made in 2 instalments for the 1st and 2nd semester)
• EUR 6000 for 1 year of MA studies (payment can be made in 2 instalments for the 1st and 2nd semester)

Beginning of September – each applicant will receive Admission Letter that allows to apply for the visa at the Embassy of Poland or consulate in applicant’s country.
Beginning of October – candidates are required to deliver the original versions of documents. University will assist them in the formal process of diploma recognition. By law, the recognition process must be completed untiul the end of the first semester of studies.


Useful files for candidates:

How to prepare portfolio

Application Form


Practical Information for Students

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee for one year of undergraduate (BA) study amounts to EUR 5000 and for one year of postgraduate (MA) study EUR 6000. Payments can be made in installments.

For international students who wish to study in Polish, the tuition fee for one year of undergraduate (BA) study amounts to EUR 2000 and for one year of postgraduate (MA) study EUR 3000.


UAP does not currently have its own dormitories but offers housing in the dormitories of Poznan University of Technology. The cost varies ca EUR 100 per month. Accomodation is also possible in private student dormitories across Poznan.

Another option is to rent a flat or a room. According to estimations, the average rent for a 60m2 flat in Poznan is around 1490 PLN (around 350 euros), while a single room can be rented for around 800 pln (around 190 euros). The prices may vary depending on the location and standard of the flat.

Immigration Matters

An EU citizen can enter Poland with his/her ID document (a valid travel document e.g. passport, or another document certifying his/her identity and citizenship). For stay up to 90 days no legalization of stay will be necessary. For stays exceeding 90 days, an EU citizen will have to obtain a temporary residence permit (Karta pobytu obywatela UE). In case of students, the residence permit is issued for one year.

A citizen of a non-EU/EEA country can enter the territory of Poland on the basis of a valid travel document (passport) and a visa (if required). A citizen of a non-EU country has to obtain the visa from the consulate of Poland in his/her country of residence. The short-term visa entitles to stay in Poland up to 90 days, the long-term visa – up to 1 year.

People who have received a visa for the whole period of stay in Poland are not obliged to apply for a residence permit for their stay in Poland. I order to obtain a Temporary Residence permit please contact Wielkopolska Voivodeship Office, Department of Civic Matters and Migration.

Travelling to Poznań

By Plane:

Poznań can be reached by plane. Ławica Airport is located about 7 km from the city center and there are bus services that connect the airport with Poznań Główny, a railway station located in the center of the city.

By Train:

All trains coming to or leaving Poznań stop at Poznań Główny (Poznań Main Station) railway station. The distance between Warsaw and Poznań can be covered in 3-5 hours depending on the class of train.

By Car:

A2 motorway that runs through Poznań connects Warsaw with Berlin. The fee is charged at various points.

Moving around Poznań

Most of the facilities of the UAP are located in the center of Poznań and can be easily reached by public transport or by foot. The students are strongly advised to apply for PEKA card: it’s a smartcard that works as a ticket for trams and busses. Moreover, students get a 50% discount on all public transport tickets, as well as train tickets.

Communicating in Poland

The official language of Poland is Polish. It may seem a bit tricky for non-Poles, but it is useful to master at least a few phrases to get around in everyday life. English is widely spoken to different extents, especially among younger generations. Many institutions such as banks, governmental offices, railway companies etc. provide their websites and services in English. Major Polish cities are becoming more and more accessible for non-Polish speakers, so communicating in English should not be difficult.

Prices and currency

The official currency of Poland is Nowy Polski Złoty (PLN). Payments in other currencies, e.g.  Dollar or Euro are not widely accepted. Here are some sample prices of everyday items:

Butter: 4 PLN

Milk: 3,90 PLN

Bread: 2,50 PLN

Chocolate: 3,00 PLN

Meal at a restaurant: 15-30 PLN

A discount 15-minute tram ticket: 1,50 PLN

Your First Days at the UAP

Orientation Week for international students will be held in the first week of the autumn semester. Throughout this week, students will be presented with the classes end extracurricular activities offered by the University, and will be given a tour around the main facilities of the UAP. They will also be provided with all the essential and practical information concerning their studies at the University.

 Polish Language & Culture Classes

International students enrolled in Study in English program are required to attend Polish language and culture classes taught twice a week throughout the whole study cycle.


Study Rules & Regulations

I General


Unless exempted, the students of University of the Arts Poznan English Programs (hereinafter referred to as „Students”), either citizens of the Republic of Poland, or those not bearing Polish citizenship (the latter hereinafter referred to as „Foreign Students”) are obliged to obey the law of the Republic of Poland, observe the applicable University Rules and other regulations imposed by the relevant authorities of University of the Arts Poznan (hereinafter referred to as ”UAP”) to the same extent as other UAP students.


Failure to observe the University Rules and / or other regulations imposed by UAP authorities may result in subjecting the offender to disciplinary proceedings.


The Foreign Students are not eligible for Polish state funded scholarships at UAP. UAP may establish a scholarship scheme for the Foreign Students that is funded otherwise.




The applicants will be admitted to UAP according to the enrolment procedure described below.


Before the deadline quoted in UAP website, the applicants should:

  1. a) deliver UAP application form via e-mail. The forms are available in the University website. Other required documents and a portfolio should be attached with the application (see the website for details).
  1. b) pay the enrolment fee, the amount of which will be noted in UAP website in advance; the enrolment fee is a non-refundable single charge intended to cover the cost of the recruitment proceedings, in particular that of the verification and assessment of the applicant documents for recognition, and of the issuance of the Admission Letter
  1. c) send the application form (excluding attachments) and a DVD recorded portfolio via regular mail.


The applicant’s certificates and diplomas (previously scanned and delivered to the University by the student via e-mail) will be verified for their recognition. Should the relevant educational authority or a UAP department find it not possible to recognize a certificate / diploma, the applicant will be notified of the non-admission via e-mail. The enrolment fee will not be reimbursed.


Should the applicant’s certificates / diplomas be found recognizable, UAP enrolment committee will assess the cover letter attached with the application form and the applicant’s portfolio according to the schedule available in the University website. The following procedure and criteria shall apply:

  1. a) the committee will assess the cover letter and the portfolio and award 0-15 points (total),
  2. b) up to 5 points can be earned for the cover letter,
  3. c) up to 10 points can be earned for the portfolio,
  4. d) receiving a minimum of 10 points is a prerequisite for the candidate to enrol,

The applicants will be notified of the enrolment procedure results via e-mail.


The enrolled candidate shall pay one year’s tuition to the bank account provided in the UAP website within the deadline stated therein. The amount of the tuition is quoted in the website as well. Failure to transfer the funds before deadline will be considered as applicant’s resignation.


After the one year’s tuition fee is confirmed to have been transferred to the UAP account, the  applicants who are not Polish citizens will receive the Admission Letter to assist them in applying forthe Polish visa in the Polish diplomatic posts in the applicant’s home countries.


The student will deliver the original copies of the application form attachments, in particular of the certificates and diplomas, prior to the beginning of the academic year and in accordance with the schedule available in the UAP website. Then, the student and UAP will sign an education contract, the template of which was attached with the application form. UAP renders its Students assistance in the diploma / certificate recognition procedures free of charge.



No transfer is possible between the English Program and the Polish Program.


No transfer is possible to UAP from another university.


A student may receive credits for the subject they have studied previously at another university or under another program at UAP. A prerequisite for the recognition of earlier credits it is for the student to apply at the dean. The dean will determine the documentation to be produced by the Student and will decide whether the credits can be recognized. The University will nor reimburse a share of the tuition proportional to the amount of classes that the Student does not attend due to the recognition of the previous credits.



The Student should have a valid health insurance that allows them to use the health care in Poland free of charge. Failure to fulfill this obligation by the student shall exempt the University from any responsibility for covering the cost of the student’s health care in Poland. Students who bear international health insurance policies will be strongly advised to apply for a complementary insurance at the Polish National Healthcare Fund (the NFZ) that automatically entitles the policy bearer to free emergency care. UAP will assist the Students in applying for such insurance directly at the NFZ.


Each Student should make sure that their stay in Poland is legal and should deliver a copy of an appropriate document at the registrar’s office (e.g. valid student visa or temporary residence permit) by 30th October of the initial academic year. The Students are also requested to deliver a copy of a document that confirms that their stay in Poland is legal after the original visa / temporary residence permit has expired.


International Office

address: Plac Wielkopolski 9/307 (building C)

61-746 Poznan, Poland

phone: +48/61/8522721

phone: +48/61/8530018 ext.107

fax: +48 /61/8528091





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