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University of the Arts Poznan (UAP) is a modern university that continues the best traditions of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan.

UAP is the only art university in Poland that provides education not only in the field of art. Students can also choose engineering and purely theoretical fields of study. The extensive university structure and highly qualified tutors, whose number is proportional to the number of students, allow for the development of excellent student-tutor relations. Each project implemented in art and design studios is an experiment. All tasks are open and performed with the active participation of professors, assistant professors, assistants and technical staff.



UAP has the most open structure of all the art schools in Poland. This means that all art and design studios, laboratories, courses and workshops are available to all students, regardless of their selected field of study. This allows for the maximum use of the artistic, scientific and educational potential of the university.


Students and graduates

Graduates of UAP are individually trained artists, who can perfectly meet the demands of the rapidly changing labour market.

Students are offered a well-tested educational program including a wide range of practical and theoretical courses. They are free to choose courses and pursue their individual educational pathways. They develop their artistic skills and scientific knowledge and have the ability to work with numerous independently selected artists, designers and theoreticians.


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