Z przyjemnością informujemy o kolejnych sukcesach UAP w dziedzinie projektowania architektonicznego!

Studentki Pracowni Interpretacji Przestrzeni na Wydziale Architektury i Urbanistyki prowadzonej przez prof. dr. hab. Andrzeja Wielgosza oraz asystenta pracowni mgr inż. arch. Łukasza Spychaja.

  • Aleksandra Bieszka 
  • Maria Pielach
  • Aleksandra Mucha

Zdobyły II nagrodę oraz BB Student Award w międzynarodowym konkursie ICELAND CAVE TOWER

Więcej informacji: https://architecturecompetitions.com/ict-2nd-s-win-interview/



Moving Surfaces offers an independent, reflective approach to the task, based on a thorough analysis of the site and its context, by transferring the building into the mass of nature with subtle pathways and iconic viewpoints. The result ranges between a careful use of form and a strong presence for the place, and thus represents a new identity – a sculptural beauty, clearly publicly accessible. According to the jury, the project is simple, smart and iconic, “The landart qualities of the project are convincing, and with the concept of being a measure of how the two tectonic plates move each year. By being present on both sides of the fissure, and at the same time creating the measure, the visitor can ‚walk’ the tension between the two tectonic plates.” It is a project that is easily understood, suggests a movement for the visitor to experience the place, and it is a strong contrast to the landscape. The building connects indoor activities to the outdoor. The connections to the caves are part of the constructed triangle, and lead people to the main attractions.

Jury Commentary