Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z programem stażowym City Internsips

Summer 2021 programs
Admissions for summer 2021 programs have now been open!

Accordingly, I encourage students interested in joining a summer 2021 in-person program to apply sooner rather than later here:

Student aid for 2020/21
Correspondingly, we also anticipate our 2020/21 Student Aid fund to be drawn down earlier than any previous year.

And so, as well applying sooner than later, I also encourage interested students to review and secure their CI student aid awards as early as possible here:

CI Student Aid Calculator

(Our student aid, tuition rebate, and ambassador schemes, which provide non-repayable financial assistance of up to $2,013, $2,500, and $1,250 respectively, and may be combined, are applicable to all 2020/21 in-person and remoteprograms.)

About CI

  • CI creates globally engaged, career-ready graduates.
  • We partner with traditional educators and leading employers across the globe to help close the skill and knowledge gaps that leave almost half of recent college graduates un- and under-employed.
  • Our experiential education programs, which combine a proven blend of work-based training, cohort-based classes and workshops, and on-the-ground coaching, held in immersive and inspirational settings, dramatically enhance career outcomes.
  • Our track-record speaks volumes. CI alumni secure graduate-level employment three-times more quickly, and starting salaries 30% higher, than their peers.
  • CI was founded in London, England in 2011. 
  • Today, from its HQ in Los Angeles, CA and in partnership with leading employers across the globe, CI provides immersive and transformational experiences for students and recent graduates.
  • CI work-based learning programs may be undertaken in-person or remotely, and during the summer or semester, with work placements with leading employers in 9 industries and 20 locations globally.