opening 13.02.2020, 18.00
Galeria Curators’LAB
ul. Nowowiejskiego 12 | Poznań


  • Patrick Huber
  • Ute Lindner
  • Marek Pisarsky
  • Anne Peschken
  • Karsten Wittke
  • Sławomir Brzoska
  • Grzegorz Hańderek
  • Lesław Tetla
  • Rafał Górczyński
  • Mariusz Sołtysik

Curators: Patrick Huber, Sławomir Brzoska

This exhibition is created as a result of a long-term cooperation between Polish and German artists participating in annual symposia in a former Tobacco Factory in Vierraden, near Schwedt, which was adapted to exhibition purposes thanks to Kunstbauwerk eV support.  Ute Lindner and Patrick Huber, Berlina based artists who in 1999 established a non-commertial platform for artistic offers and strategies – a Copyright project, are main initiators of artists meetings. Almost from the very beginning Lindner and Huber cooperate with international, especially Polish artists, what leads to great exchange of ideas and thoughts and a display of works at the group exhibition displayed at the Tobacco Factory at the end of each symposium.

For many years, prof. Sławomir Brzoska (University of the Arts Poznan) is a Polish co-organizer of symposia. Two last ones entitled „Nomadism. Bridge over troubled water” were connected to his scientific research. The theme reflected Polish-German relations and referred to issues of contemporary societies, which often decide to migrate.  In 2018 and 2019 several artists from both countries were invited to participate in symposia in Vierraden, who at some point touch this issues in their works. The exhibition presents works of 10 artists selected from this group. Due to a difference in a display area, this will not be an exact transfer of the post-symposium exhibition from Vierraden. Some works were created directly to this project.