Papaya Young Directors (PYD) is a competition aimed at aspiring directors in the film industry. The competition is based around developing films for PYD’s partners and sponsors. PYD helps filmmakers to produce ground-breaking films which will increase their visibility in the film and marketing industry. It also helps them create a portfolio, start networking, and work with the best.

PYD will help you create your portfolio based on briefs from big companies. You will also be given the opportunity to work with some of the best creative directors in Poland. After becoming a finalist, you will be given a budget of 2 500 EURO to develop your idea further. You will also be given a list of companies that will aid you with your project. Films from the finalists will be showcased during the final Gala as well as at various exhibitions, workshops, and festivals. If your work receives an honorable mention you may also be entitled to a cash prize.


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