International Conference Connections. Between the word, the sound and the image: A centenary of Polish-Japanese Diplomatic Relations

4.12 – Collegium Minus, Wieniawskiego 1
5.12 –  Dom Studencki Jowita, Zwierzyniecka 7

5th of December,
VENUE: Dom Studencki Jowita, Zwierzyniecka 7
Prof. UAP Katarzyna Kujawska-Murphy, 

University of the Arts Poznan 㶠
Aspects of contemporary Japanese Art in a Global Society: The Origins and Development of a Genre ‒ based on 20 years of art exchange between Japan and Europe.

Dr Filip Wierzbicki-Nowak Phd.

University of the Arts Poznan
The dynamics of space, seen through the eyes of Japanese artists.

Detailed programme: 

Program – day 1
Program – day 2