Maksymilian Sawicki | Pregeometria

28 November –10 December 2019
Galeria Curators’Lab, ul. Nowowiejskiego 12
project: Maksymilian Sawicki
assembly: Bartosz Stępnik

Project co-funded from the budged of the City of Poznań.

The exhibition will consist of processed video recordings of two objects reovered from the fjord located in the cental Norway.  Recovered –  a natural stone and a styrofoam, despite their extremely different origin, were treated by the same power of nature. The long-lasting treatment smoothed their surfaces out and rounded ther edges off.
Both objects were finally transferred to the virtual or digital reality. All three dimensions were determined and then saved in the „cloud of points” by a computer programme. The fourth, digital dimension does not melt or unify the identity of those objects, because it is manageble to keep their detail in a matter of form. Only putting those objects into a constant motion allows the fusion, which creates a new value and a new presentation of objects.

Maksymilian Sawicki – an architect and a visual artist; a University of the Arts Poznan graduate from MSc Engeneer in Architecture, his diploma was nominated to Maria Dokowicz Competition (special award) and to the international competition for the world’s best diploma Archiprix 2019 in Chile. His works were presented i.a. during indyvidual exhibition in Galeria Naprzeciw in Poznań, Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, Shanghai Normal University or Estación Mapocho in Santiago, Chile.