We can all become victims of thoughtlessness in our daily lives.

The Banality of Evil in our Daily Lives art competition is an open call for artists to communicate what they see as the banality of evil in our daily lives. It poses a challenge to communicate that which has never been communicated before and create a platform for groundbreaking ideas to be brought into our collectivity.

Artists the world over are invited to submit work that will use art as the language to communicate their hopes in creating a new vision for the world.
The competition aims to provide inspiration and solutions that address the most important crisis that faces humanity today: the loss of our humanity.
The Banality of Evil in our Daily Lives is a unique art competition that will have a strong emphasis on public engagement.
The public will be invited to moderate the selection of the first 40 art works by liking and sharing the messages presented on the BOE in our Daily Lives social media platforms.
From these 40 artworks the final contestants in each category will be nominated by the elected Jury members. Finalists are to receive a cash prize of US$2000 and will be invited to exhibit their work at an exhibition in Berlin Germany in May 2020.

Artists whose work has been selected to be part of the competition, will receive a „Certificate” for participation in the artist call
All selected artists it will gain exposure on our social media platforms, i.e Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with targeted international campaigns
The top 10 artworks in each of the 4 categories which receive most public votes will proceed to the jury voting round and all 40 works will be exhibited at the final exhibition in Berlin, Germany.
The top 40 artists will also have their work published in a book that will document the project.
Only the winners (4) of each category will be invited to Germany to be a part of the exhibition to receive the art award.

Works can be entered in the categories of Painting & drawing, Photography & Digital Art , Sculpture and Performance art.

The opening date for entries is the 1st of November 2019 and ends at 15 of March 2020. There is no participation fee.

Please visit our website for more information and to register www.boeart.org

The theme of the competition was originated by the visionary artist and social activist SaySay.Love.

SaySay.Love was inspired by the ideas of Hannah Arendt as he felt a strong connection with the subject matter. The idea that many of history’s greatest evils, instead of being carried out by fanatics or sociopaths, were instead done by ordinary people who accepted the premises of their state and thus their actions, as “normal.”

Can one do evil without being evil? This was the essential question Hannah Arendt asked herself when she reported for the New Yorker in 1961 in the trial against Adolph Eichmann, the former head of the „Central Office for Jewish Emigration” who was involved in the organization of the expulsion and deportation of the Jews and who was jointly responsible for the murder of an estimated six million people.

Hannah Arendt sees Eichmann as a man who was not driven by a desire to murder, who did not want to destroy – but wanted to do his job particularly well and carefully. In his private environment he was sociable and inconspicuous. He thus contradicts any philosophical theory of evil, or of the criminal. In a totalitarian system, thoughtlessness is enough to commit the greatest crime in history – a thoughtlessness that Hannah Arendt calls the ‚banality of evil.’

By clicking the following link you can find the registration document and a downloadable poster that can be printed and displayed on your campus: