54×54 | post-competition exhibition celebrating 30 years of Solar company and 100 years of University of the Arts Poznan

1–10 October 2019

Galeria Duża Scena UAP
ul. Wodna 24 | Poznań
Tuesday – Sunday,  13:00–18:00

opening: 1 October 2019, 13:00


Weronika Bąk
Katarzyna Kubacha
Natalia Witasik
Klaudia Zabłocka
Natalia Adamczak
Marta Tomczyk
Martyna Zawieja
Klaudia Olejnik
Ewelina Pieńkowska
Joanna Dyba
Natalia Rozmus
Marta Rutkowska
Hanna Konopka
Magdalena Bojko
Natalia Brodacka
Karolina Grzeszczuk
Wiktoria Balawender
Oliwia Blumert
Maria Pawłowska
Weronika Wolska
Kornelia Nowak
Antonina Kieliszewska
Mateusz Sipiora

Art and fashion love to interwind. The joint of those two disciplines was the essence of this competition organised to celebrate 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Solar company and 100th anniversary of the establishment of the University of the Arts Poznan. Within the 30/100 project students and graduates from the UAP friendly with Solar fashion company for many years, designed graphic arts in the 54x54cm format. This precise format, as the only guideline for the applications and an attempt to close a piece of art in a square, became an inspiration for the name of the exhibition. – Aleksandra Danel, Deputy CEO of Solar co.

30 projects were selected among many applications. Artists had a complete freedom of creation, resulting in patterns inspired by nature: birds, sea or plants and the distincitive for the brand motif of the face. There could be found also more abstract motifs, corresponding to painting and graphic design. Summer tones dominate in the colour palette.  Young designers showed the great sense and the knowledge of current trends and easily compbined what is fashionable with what is ephemeric in art. They used various techniques: collage, photography, oil painting.  And thus, unique designs were creaded and we chose five of them to print on our scarfs, which will appear in the SS2020 collection of Solar co. – the head of Jury Maria Pyzio, Creative Director, co-funder of Solar co., head of the Design Department