Szanowni Państwo,

z przyczyn losowych wykład prof. Tatehaty zostanie przełożony na inny termin. O szczegółach poinformujemy w późniejszym terminie.
Przepraszamy za wszelkie niedogodności związane z tym faktem.

Lecture and round table talk with Akira Tatehata and Paweł Pachciarek Yayoi Kusama – The Genius of Polka Dot Queen disappearance and rediscovery

30.05, 3 p.m.
venue: Atrium UAP, building B
23 Lutego 20 Street

A world renowned scholar on Yayoi Kusama, President of the TAMA Art University Tokyo and head of the Kyoto Art Center – Prof. Akira Tatehat together with Paweł Pachciarek – curator of Celebration project and the author of the first Yayoi Kusama’s monograph in Polish language will discuss the phenomenon of this internationally acclaimed artist from the perspective of Japanese audience and examine the background and reasons for reevaluation of her artistic ouvre in the early 1990’s. Prof. Tatehata will also review why in 1993 had he chosen Yayoi Kusama represent Japan at the Venice Biennale as the first woman and individual artist in the history of this country’s national pavilion.