International students of the UAP | made in. between. How to be an alien

1. Jieun Choi
2. Kate NganWa Ao
3. Thun Monkata&Thon Monkata
4. Weizhi Chen
5. Lucie Ghimire
6. Lida Macha
7. Fathi Gasimli
8. Jovana Vujović
9. Stefaniya Abbasova
10. Boning Zhang (Undetermined)
11. Xiaowen Zhang (Undetermined)
12. Hakan Ozcan
Date: 29 th on May – 4 th on June (29/05-04/06)
Opening: 29 th on May 19:00

Curatorial statement:
How to be an alien is an international exhibition that curated by MA students of UAP Art Education-Stephanie Abba, ilsu Kaya, Weizhi Chen, and Erasmus+ student Eva Alonso under the supervision of prof. Anna Tyczyńska. It implemented as part of subject curatorial strategies Faculty of Art Education.
The exhibition gathers the works of different foreign students currently living and studying in Poznań. The title makes reference to how the artists, as foreigners in Poland, have the feeling of being ‘aliens’. Their works have been created out of various experiences and emotions, such as speaking different mother language, being new to the local culture and traditions, feeling alone and homesick….
We observe there is a kind of connection between these artists and their art works, such as, perceive each situation differently, the fact of being foreigners connects them together. And this connection entails the basis of this exhibition, which looks for all the foreigners to identify with the artists and feel the same connection, and for the locals to understand how us, foreign students, experience our time abroad, how the feeling of being ‘aliens’.
Jieun Choi