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International Conference SCULPTURE IN PROCESS
Sculpture as a medium of space transformation.

Organiser: The Faculty of Sculpture, University of the Arts Poznan
Location: Porta Posnania ICHOT Interactive Centre of Cathedral Island– ul. Gdańska 2, Poznań
Date: 25.03.2019

Coordinators: Prof. dr Janusz Bałdyga, dr Marta Bosowska

The aim of this jubilee conference is to investigate, both in theoretical and practical context, the complex relations between sculpture as an entity and the dynamic process in which sculpture annexes space in the form of objects, installations, actions or performance art.
We would like to apply this perspective to analyse different forms of sculpture present in public space. We would like to take a close look on the so-called border areas that are shaped by ephemeral objects and actions integrated with sculpture, architecture or performance art.

Conference Programme:
09:30 – Guest Registration
10:00 – Official Opening
10:20 – Opening Lecture – JANUSZ BAŁDYGA Sculpture as the sign of urban identity.
10:50- JOHN COURT Thoughts and comments on when art objects become art objects.
11:20- RODDY HUNTER On the spatialisation of performance and the performance of spatialisation

11:50 – Discussion // Coffee break
12:30 JERZY HANUSEK Sculpture – space- action. Examples selected from the works of Maria Pinińska-Bereś and Jerzy Bereś
13.00 PAULINE CUMMINS Sculpture as a Factor in the transformation of Place and Space
13:30 DOROTA SOSNOWSKA Ephemerides. Matter and Memory.
14:00 Discussion// Coffee Break

15:00 JAROSŁAW KOZAKIEWICZ Common space.
15:30 AGNIESZKA TARASIUK Manifestation and mystification.
16:30 Discussion and Closing of the Conference


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