Competition is established for Universities, High Schools, and Professional Schools of design, architecture, handicraft, and fine art in Czech Republic and abroad.

Students of Universities, High Schools, and Professional Schools can participate in the competition, if they finished their studies at the latest in the summer semester 2015. Both individuals and author teams from Czech Republic or abroad can participate in the competition.

All works from the widest spectrum of the term visual communication – e.g. graphic design (posters, books, booklets, visual styles, typography, experimental graphic design, interdisciplinary graphic design etc.) applied and advertising photography related to the design, graffiti, digital media, motion design etc.

All student works i.e. final exam, semester, graduate and other own works in the field of visual communication that were created after January 1, 2015, but had not been registered in the previous years of the competition, are acceptable.

The deadline for submitting the applications (i.e. registration) is June 26, 2018. The completely filled-in application form must be submitted (all image attachments included) on the Design Cabinet CZ assigns to each registered work unique registration number. The accepted works are assessed anonymously only under their registration numbers.

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