Fundacja Jak Malowana and the City of Poznań cordially invite to the exhibition by Paweł Kaszczyński O b r a z y – from the cycle: BĘDĘ NA CIEBIE CZEKAŁ (en. I WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU).
Galeria Jak / Święty Marcin 37
Curator: Katarzyna Śmiałowicz

Paweł Kaszczyński analyses light as a phenomenon, its meaning and multiple dimensions by creating the cycles of images and actions. His creations of art correspond with interpersonal relations, considering them in individual as well as social aspect. During the exhibition at Galeria Jak, the author will present the form of image-action, that in a poeting way will replect upon time… and more.

Opening: 08 November 2019 r.  19.00
Curatorial tour (in Polish): 11 November 2019 at 16.00
Meeting with the artist: 20 November 2019 r. at 16.00
Exhibition open: 08 November –08 December 2019 r.
Contact: 693 083 144,

Within the project „Sztuka z naszego podwórka – program wystaw i wydarzeń w Galerii Jak” („The sculpture from our yard – the programme of exhibitions and events at the Galeria Jak”) supported from the budget of the CIty of Poznan.
Patronate: University of the Arts Poznan