Studencka Scena Postaw Twórczych

opening: 5 November 2019, 10:00, Cyryl Ratajski Square

The Faculty of Sculpture UAP prepared an interesting outdoor exhibition for all people of Poznan. The aim of the YOUNG SCULPTURE UAP (MŁODA RZEŹBA UAP) project is to present didactic and artistic activity using the city as a background. Students’ works created under the supervision of UAP professors will be periodically presented, thereby altering the scenery of the city center. This project is one of the events celebrating the 100th anniversary of UAP.

sculpture composition „Słowiki” („Nightingales”) created during national sculpture workshop Skoki 2019 by the team:

1. BARTOSZ ŁUGOWSKI – Faculty of Sculpture UAP
2. WIKTORIA ŁUSZCZEWSKA – Faculty of Sculpture UAP
3. ANIKA NAPOROWSKA – Faculty of Sculpture UAP
4. ILONA TUREK – Faculty of Sculpture UAP
5. ANTONINA BĄK – Faculty of Arhitecture UAP

Exposition supplements:
– study of a female nude  – author – ANIKA NAPOROWSKA – Faculty of Sculpture UAP / created in the studio of  prof. Wiesława Koronowski
– study of a male nude – author – PIOTR OWCZAREK – Faculty of Sculpture UAP / created in the studio of  prof. Wiesława Koronowski