Alicja Rybkowska
Marcin Salwin

opening of the exhibition INNY
Arsenal Municipal Gallery in Poznan
15 November 2019, 18:00
15 November –27December 2019

lecture by prof. Ryszard K. Przybylski INNE
Galeria Szewska 16
14.11.2019, godz. 18.00

Supervision: Bogna Błażewicz, Arsenal Municipal Gallery in Poznan; Dorota Tarnowska-Urbanik i Natalia Czarcińska, University of the Arts Poznan

The aim of the project Bieguny. Dialogi młodych is to motivate young artists to intensive work, self-reflection and discussion.
This edition’s subject of reflection was the other person, like Emmanuel Levinas’ the Other. The other person but also a stranger.  This word has more than one meaning. THE OTHER is not me meaning the second person, but also THE OTHER is a visitor, a misfit, a stranger… Nowadays we face dramatic reactions to otherness, we challange our and other’s tollerance. UAP students have worked for several months reflecting on the content and looking for the shape of their artistic expressions.