Tuesday 18th December 7p.m.- 9p.m.
Wednesday, 19th December 12a.m.- 5p.m.

“It’s nice, because we are here. Everybody is leaving.”

This is not an exhibition. We discussed it. It’s an event, situation, projected situation, non-exhibition. We catch intangible thoughts, unrepeatable moments, non-reproducible conversations. We set together hopes, memories, impressions. We process, transcode, project. Wait to be touched.

Agata Kneć
Len NnHhnh
Eva Gongoria
Basia Gryczan
Nicolas Imbert
Alicja Nowicka
Filip Strzelczyk
Kasia Żurawska
Krzysztof Kruger
Michalina Pryśko
Martyna Tokarska
Mateusz Bratkowski
Weronika Witkowska