What makes Poles be the way they are? Essential Guide to Polish Culture

Open lecture dedicated to international students, delivered by art historian mgr Magdalena Dworak-Mróz

October 10th (Wed.)
room 02 building B (ul. Lewandowskiej 20)

It is easy to question the stereotypical image of a Pole – a vodka drinker who is a hard-working Catholic and a thief that does not speak languages, is not particularly keen on foreigners but at the same time is very hospitable. As expected, the truth lies beyond that. Yet the question remains what differentiates Polish people from others and why. By looking at the works of Polish contemporary artists, we will observe how they are retelling the history of WW2, communism, Solidarity movement, current political changes and young democracy in Poland. This meeting is dedicated to the Erasmus students and freshmen and -women of the Study in English program, however, everyone is welcome.
~Magdalena Dworak-Mróz

pic. Zbigniew Libera – Lego Concentration Camp