Towards Photography #evanescence

Duration 04/08 — 08/10
Closing 08/10


Max Radawski, „The Usual Absence of Things”Michał Bugalski, movie from the series „The Same From The Beginning”
Anna Kędziora, „Earthworks (III)”
Agnieszka Antkowiak, „The Past Cannot Serve As Future Anymore”
Jarosław Klupś, installation from the series „Safety”
Kamila Kobierzyńska, „Probability of Success of The Experiment”
Mateusz Sadowski, „Falling, Enlarging, Rising, Repeating”

Exhibition of lecturers from the Department of Photography at the University of Arts in Poznań.

The unobvious and in fact still elusive status of photography, stretched between a document and an artefact, a record and creation, reconstruction and construction, is the central driving force in the history of this discipline, whose development is largely based on the constant verification of it’s identity. Among the many issues discussed at the exhibition, the works also address the topic of this base elusiveness in extremely diverse areas: from the autotemism of objects questioning the apparent availability of representation, through the documented work of memory subjected to material or metaphorical procedures of transformations, to the critical trace indicating the action taking place also outside the image. All these actions intersect in the field of the possibility of establishing a meaning, the elusiveness of which appears to be a significant epistemological trait related to the character of the medium itself.

Coordination: Kamila Kobierzyńska

Text and translation: Marcin Czerkasow