Photography #editorial

Galeria Design

Open: 7/08 — 08/10

Tue -Th 1—4 P.M.

List of books:

Marta Normington:, “Travel As a State of Mind”Paweł Bownik, “Urn”

Dorota Stolarska, “Events”
Stępień, “Photo Taken”
Katarzyna Wąsowska, “Don’t Draw The Map of The Comet”
Maciej Dziekan, ”In Any Shape Or Form”
Paulina Orwat, “Paulina Orwat”
Dorota Stolarska, “Glare”
Noemi Markwas, “Lost”
Kamila Berbecka, “The Geometry of Anomalies”
Lisa Jurek, “KM”
Magda Pacek, Untitled
Aleksandra Korzonek, “Gęstwa”
Maja Kopa, “Are The Kids Alright?”
Joanna Czarnota, “So Quiet I’ts Dark”

Book, as a well-known and appreciated form of presenting photographs, is more and more often chosen by students of artistic faculties. In order to provide them with a fuller education in this field, the Department of Photography at the University of Arts in Poznań introduces from the next academic year the specialty Editorial of Photography faculty.

An attempt to capture the last few years of work with an art book is an exhibition of students and graduates of the Department of Photography. Projects created by students are often issued in small quantities or as single copies. Many of them will be publicly shown for the first time. And although each of the works will represent a peculiar point of view, their collection will show how wide is the spectrum of possibilities that a still so unobvious medium like photography has.