Nieoczywiste 2018

Galeria Curators’ LAB (ul. Nowowiejskiego 12) Tue.-Sun. 12:00–15:00 from August 3rd till August 8th
Galeria Aula (building A UAP, Aleje Marcinkowskiego 29) Mon. – Fri. 12:00–15:00 from August 3rd  till September 29th
Galeria AT (ul. Solna 4) Mon. – Fri. 12:00–15:00 from September 11th tillSeptember 28th

closing: 28.09 Starurday, 19:00, Galeria Aula
curators: Anna Kędziora i Max Radawski
artists: Katarzyna Bojko-Szymczewska, Karolina Belter, Kamila Berbecka, Joanna Berg, Joanna Czarnota, Mateusz Furtas, Agnieszka Hinc, Lisa Jurek, Dorota Kaszuba, Evgeniia Klemba, Agnieszka Sikora, Jadwiga Subczyńska, Weronika Wronecka, Agnieszka Zdziabek

Nieoczywiste 2018 (en. Unobvious 2018) is an exhibition of selected diploma works by graduates of the Department of Photography of University of the Arts Poznan.
The diversity of artistic attitudes manifests itself in the variety of means of expression used. Image is a vast source that can lead to intermedial installations, videos and artist’s books. When we tkae a look at the works exhibited, we find a deep interest in the medium itself. We find fascination with copying, methods of duplication and the status of the original. We discover references to digital network of images in which we can find mystical threads. By confronting human memory with photography, artists give images a new meaning and create memories previously unknown. They are not afraid to incorporate poor and homeless images. They use archives and pieces of visual information to carry personal narration. We might witness the use of new techniques in search for individual forms of expression that can give us a reference to the vision of tomorrow. Video works combine the reality of thoughts with visual reality. They show the experience of looking and feeling, the subjectivization of actions that are miniature pieces of uniqueness. Artists allow the reality to happen slowly and in a spectacular way. They purposely give up certainty by filling the extended moments with relevance and beauty of sensitive recognition. Apart from higly intimate themes, the artists also raise themes seemingly distant, marked by commonness. They ask about our perception of time and the scale we observe it in. They raise current issues like the destructive effect of smog on the environment and the problems connected with body,its representation, cultural connotations and visuality. They refer to an apparent past by creating portraits of fading memory. At the same time, they reflect on the future life by exposing potential traces that will after the human kind. The exhibition entitled Unobvious opens the audience to the intensivity of experiences. Artists strive to recontextualize, they look for boundries and rediscover photography for themselves. When moment is singled out from a series of moments and when verified reality comes around, everything becomes strongly present Photography captures moments but also makes them seem more smooth. It verifies the presence but also blurs the boundries of certainty.
Max Radawski