opening: August 6th, 18:00

Galeria R20 (Ratajczaka st., 20, Poznań)

exhibition open till August 16th. 

This exhibition is an invitation to a journey along with graphic objects. We begin with 21.03 at 12.00 and move between Day and Night and in the space between East – West. it is  an important way because of the consequence hidden behind my actions. Intimate meanings are shaped in the space between the object and the image. The exhibition is an interpretation of Japanese philosophy and Western tradition. The statement I make is a synthesis of my previous actions.

The habilitation exhibition summarizes the road I travelled from the time of my studies (graduation project entitled My intimacy of the sign, 2001)  to my doctoral dissertation (My intimacy of sign andJapanese graphic design, 2009). The journey I take my viewers on is a consequent one. I refer mainly to the tradition of Japanese graphic design and its philosophy. My statements are brief or, to put it in other words, minimalistic. Inspired by Japanese haiku, I want to capture universal things it their simpliest, elementary meaning.

The theme that brings all the works: 21.03. at 12:00, East – West and Night and Day  together is space. We find ourselves in the centre of the universe that is similar to our planetary system. It allows us to exist and creates the rhythm of our life. The sun sets the directions of the world, thank to which we can locate the centre. Titles of works are meaningful, they work as answers and metaphors allowing to reveal a deeper sense. Just like in haiku, my works are simple and easy to read. The first sense opens our eyes to the next ones. It brings us deeper to what is timeless and constant. I tried to create a story in accrodance with the rules and the discipline that Japanese poets showed in their works. For me, the object is a micro poem constructed from tales focused on the presence in the world.

From the habilitation dissertation.

dr Krzysztof Balcerowiak – artist, graphic designer and lecturer in the Offset Studio of professor Grzegorz Nowicki at the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Visual Communication of  University of the Arts Poznan. Born in 1977 in Szamotuły. Between 1996 and 2001 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. He is an active participant of artisitc life. His works  have been exhibited in Poland and abroad.