Huawei Global Theme Design Competition

The Huawei Global Theme Design Competition Globalny konkurs motywów ponownie otwiera się na zgłoszenia! Poznaj przyszłości estetyki mobilnej Konkurs motywów The Huawei Global Theme Design Competition oficjalnie rozpoczął przyjmowanie zgłoszeń od utalentowanych projektantów z całego świata. Tak jak w poprzednich latach, konkurs jest hołdem dla innowacji oraz próbą wyniesienia doświadczeń milionów użytkowników urządzeń Huawei na świecie na następny poziom. W 2020 roku The Huawei Global Theme Design Competition dzieli się na cztery kategorie: motywy, tapety, tarcze zegarków oraz miasta. W kategorii miasta, uczestnicy mogą zgłosić koncepcje, które zawrą esencję jednego z dziewięciu unikalnych miast Chińskich: Pekinu, Nankin, Szanghaju, Hangzhou, Luoyang, Chengdu, Jinan, Kantonu oraz Wuhan. Zwycięskie zgłoszenia mogą zostać wybrane jako oficjalny design dla tapet lub obudów dla telefonów Huawei. Wwięcej

Global art contest “New Generation for Peace”

We would like to invite you to participate in global art contest “New Generation for Peace”. Participants: young people (men and women) aged from 25 to 35 years who speak Russian language and/or English language. Types of artworks that may be submitted to the Contest: -painting or digital drawing; photo (series of photos);video (up to 59 sec); sculpture (installation); slogan (up to 64 characters). Each work should have a short annotation (up to 500 characters), revealing a given topic. Each work should correspond to the main theme of the Contest: “Struggle for peace”. The theme of the struggle for peace refers to any action or inaction, thoughts and ideas, actions and intentions with the goal of establishing, maintaining and augmentation of peace, peacefulwięcej

COVID-19 update from 4 May

The Polish government will lift restrictions in four stages based on the analysis of covid cases. The second stage that starts from 4 May 2020 includes: shopping malls and supermarkets are open with a restriction 1 customer per 15m2, food courts and fitness clubs in shopping malls remain closed, hotel and accommodation services are open, hardware supermarkets will be open also on weekends, gradual opening of libraries, museums, galleries and other cultural institutions in different times, medical rehabilitation services will be open, massage parlors remain closed. However, please remember that other restrictions are still valid: Universities will remain closed and continue with e-learning at least until 24 May. Covering your nose and mouth is still obligatory in public spaces. Keeping 2mwięcej

COVID-19 update from 20 April

The Polish government will lift restrictions in four stages based on the analysis of covid cases. The first stage that starts from 20 April 2020 includes: The entrance to parks and forests is now permitted for recreational purpose. The limit of people in stores smaller than 100m2 is 4 per cash register, in shops bigger than 100m2  there must be at least 15m2 space for 1 customer. Religious cult – 1 person per 15m2. Hovewer, please remember that other restrictions are still valid: Covering your nose and mouth is still obligatory in public spaces. Keeping 2m distance between people is still obligatory. Using playgrounds and outdoor gyms is still forbidden. E-learning in schools and remote work for some offices are still inwięcej

COVID-19 update from 25 March

  On 24 March, Poland’s prime minister declared  ‚state of epidemic’ within the territory of Poland. Between 24 March and 11 April there will be restrictions regarding leaving your place of residence. The only exceptions will be: going to work, going grocery/pharmacy shopping, going out in necessary matters (doctor’s visit, walking a dog, voluntary help for seniors, short walk alone once a day in a little frequented places). → It’s been announced that the police will be monitoring the streets. Using outdoor gyms, playgrounds, prolonged stays at the banks of the rivers and in parks etc. are forbidden. → Holding meetings of more than 2 people is forbidden. → In this period there will be limitations in public transport – only everywięcej


INSPIRELI AWARDS is the world’s largest global student contest in Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape, and Interior Design, which in 2019 involved 136 countries. INSPIRELI AWARDS are enabling new talents to tell their stories and raise awareness about their own world view before they get their chance to build it. It brings together up-and-coming students of architecture, as well as established professionals, and provides for them a forum to connect to the general public. INSPIRELI COMPETITION is a competition to design an amphitheater in Burkina Faso. The submitted projects also compete within INSPIRELI AWARDS. Categories Contestants enter works their in three categories: Architecture Urban Design and Landscape Interior Design Deadline for entries is March 31! Register project

18th International Animation Festival in Japan – HIROSHIMA 2020

Dear Friends, With your kind cooperation, we are very pleased to announce that the 18th International Animation Festival in Japan – HIROSHIMA 2020 will be held from August 20th to 24th this summer.  It is only with your warm and encouraging support for many years that we have been able to hold our manifestation every two years, since its first edition in 1985 till today, with the spirit of pursuing world peace, shared by both the City of Hiroshima and the Association International du Film d’Animation (ASIFA). On behalf of our festival team, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you.  Through promoting the art of animation, we aim to encourage cross-cultural communication beyond language, aswięcej

STUDENT CARDS automatic extension

Dear Students, we kindly inform that according to information from The Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (CRASP), for the request of Students Parliment Poland, Minister of Science and Higher Education decided that all student and PhD cards shall be automatically extended until 31 May 2020.  Please follow further information regarding student cards extentions.   Legal basis (in Polish): Sincerely, University of the Arts Poznan Panel on Preveting Coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 Danger

COVID-19 | Ordinance of the UAP Rector regarding the functioning of the UAP

Dear Students, We have just received a document entitled: Ordinance no. 83/2019/2020 dated 11 March 2020  by the Rector of the University of the Arts Poznań regarding the functioning of the University of the Arts Poznan in the period of class suspension due to the danger caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19.    As you can see, the situation changes dynamically. We will be sending you updates, so make sure that you read all of our emails. Please contact your lectures – although they classes have been suspended for some time, they might require you to deliver assignments/homework in a digital form. UAP International Office is open, however you are asked you to contact us via email or by phone only.więcej

Coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 | message

Dear Students and Members of Academic Staff, Due to the risk of contracting the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus, the authorities of the University of the Arts Poznan have decided to suspend all lectures to which more than 20 students are enrolled, effective 11 March. The UAP Municipal Galleries will be closed from 16 March. Exhibitions scheduled for for the next few days will be postponed to another dates. The above mentioned measures shall be valid until further notice. The authorities of the University are in contact with the supervising Ministry and act in accordance with its instructions. A meeting of the President of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland and the President of the Parliament of Students of thewięcej


Szanowni Kandydaci!Uprzejmie informujemy, że ustawa z dnia 27 lipca 2005 r. Prawo o Szkolnictwie Wyższym (Dz.U.2017.2183 t.j. z późn. zm.) nie nakłada żadnych ograniczeń wiekowych dla kandydatów na studia. Oznacza to, że bez względu na wiek, można ubiegać się o przyjęcie na studia. DRZWI OTWARTE UAP / UAP OPEN DAYS 7 marca i 4 kwietnia 2020 7 March and 4 April 2020 /EN below/ Szanowni Kandydaci, serdecznie zapraszamy na DRZWI OTWARTE Uniwersytetu Artystycznego w Poznaniu. Jak co roku przygotowaliśmy dla Was bogatą ofertę warsztatów, spotkań oraz kilka niespodzianek! → HARMONOGRAM OGÓLNY → HARMONOGRAM WARSZTATÓW → OPISY WARSZTATÓW → FORMULARZ ZAPISÓW → KLAUZULA RODO → WIĘCEJ INFORMACJI: UWAGA! Wszystkich zainteresowanych zapraszamy do zapoznania się z propozycją całorocznych warsztatów, skierowanych także do naszych przyszłych studentów → więcej informacji tutaj → ZAPISY NA WARSZTATY: (Uprzejmie prosimywięcej

Miradas International Art Contest 2020

Miradas International Art Contest 2020 The Jorge Alió Foundation chooses culture and art as a way of raising society’s awareness and stimulating its support for the prevention of blindness. With the goal of transmitting this important message, the National Miradas art contest is created in 1998. Very soon it attracted the attention of other countries, starting in America with the Miradas of Latin America in (2004 ) and now promoting to worldwide projection with Miradas international in 2016. Now, countries from all over the world participate in it aiming for the same message. Since (2005), the art of Miradas illustrate the cover page of the Journal of Refractive Surgery  and also it has been displayed as the cover page of several Ophthalmologywięcej

Rector’s Day 28 Feb.

28 Feb. (Friday) 2020 is a RECTOR’S DAY (no classes) for students of the Faculty of Media Arts and the Faculty of Animation due to the Sound Art Festival taking place at the Adam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Physics (free entrance).  

Roca One Day Design Challenge 2020

Roca One Day Design Challenge returns to Poland with many great news! After having been held in Katowice in previous years, this third edition will take place in Warsaw. On the 28th March, young designers and architects under the age of 30 will be challenged to design an innovative and original product related to the bathroom space in just one day. Ready for this creative and fun event? more info → official website

make me! an international design contest for young designers at the Łódź Design Festival

make me! 07.01.2020 – 15.03.2020, till 11:59 p.m The international make me! competition is one of the most influential and innovative events in the field of product design in Europe and a key event of the Lodz Design Festival. The key purpose of the contest is to identify new trends, brave ideas and support those young people who are ready to compete and come up with interesting ideas. The finalists of previous editions emphasize the new opportunities opened to them: presence at additional exhibitions and mentions in publications. Consequently, they get better recognition and an easier start in the design community. The competition, which has been carried out since 2008, is addressed to designers, makers, students and graduates, especially from art and design disciplines. To all those that arewięcej


Koło Naukowe UAP – Punk Grafiki ogłasza konkurs! /EN BELOW/ Rozszczepienie w czasie lub przestrzeni, odczucia i emocje towarzyszące przeżyciom przejściowym stanowią podstawę inicjatywy zbiorowej POMIĘDZY/IN BETWEEN. Wzbogacenie wystawy o dodatkowe techniki twórczości rozszerza dialog między artystą i widzem pozwalając na dogłębne rozstrzygnięcie zawartego w tytule problemu. Różnorodność i indywidualizm każdego z twórców przyczynia się do zbiorowej i całościowej interpretacji zagadnienia. Punkt grafiki to koło naukowe studentów grafiki warsztatowej Uniwersytetu Artystycznego w Poznaniu. Jako pasjonaci tradycyjnych technik druku chcemy dzielić się naszą pasją z szerszą grupą odbiorców poprzez organizowanie wydarzeń artystycznych takich jak warsztaty czy wystawy. An emotion, sensation like you or something or a feeling not fully in one place. POMIĘDZY/BETWEEN is a group exhibition of students and graduateswięcej

Open call for Young Artists XXVI CSAV – Artists’ Research Laboratory

Open call for Young Artists XXVI CSAV – Artists’ Research Laboratory John Knight COMO 2020 Workshop dates: 2- 26 July 2020 Application deadline: February 25th, 2020 Apply at: COMO 2020 For several weeks in July, we will be given the time, space, and the luxury to engage in an open-ended exchange of ideas about structures of production. And, what nascent possibilities that might be available for consideration as replacements for some of the tired models of aesthetic production that rationalizes our present conundrum. (John Knight) CSAV – Artists’ Research Laboratory is an experimental platform designed to provoke formal and informal discussions and exchanges among artists of different generations and nationalities. It aims to explore different forms of art-making throughwięcej

Information concerning 2019-nCoV


UAP opening hours during winter examination period

Due to the UAP Rector’s decree no. 61/2019/2020 from 10 January 2020, the opening hours of UAP buildings during winter semester 2019/2020 examination period will be as follows: from 13 Jan. 2020 until 02 Feb. 2020 UAP students are allowed to be present in classroom of buldings A, B and F between 6.00 am and 2.00 am after 21.30 pm UAP students can enter the building only after providing a student ID at the reception; the door will be open on the request. Zarządzenie nr 61/2019/2020

OPEN-CALL | Mentoring Programme

We are looking for UAP students willing to volunteer and take care of an incoming Erasmus+ student in the Summer Semester 2019/2020. A Mentor will be responsible to help an incoming student in simple everyday tasks like help in finding a studio at the UAP, getting to know the city, creating a PEKA card etc. The application runs through Google questionaire and it’s open until 5th February In the case of more Mentors relative to exchange students, the order of applications decides. Programme Coordinated by the UAP International Office. contakt:

Wydział Rzeźby UAP | Przesunięcia / Shifts

Dyrektor Centrum Rzeźby Polskiej w Orońsku ma zaszczyt zaprosić na otwarcie wystawy PRZESUNIĘCIA w sobotę, 18 stycznia 2020 r., o godz. 14.00 w Muzeum Rzeźby Współczesnej Director of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko kindly invites you for a preview of the exhibition SHIFTS on Saturday, 18 January 2020 at 2 pm in Museum of Contemporary Sculpture /// PRZESUNIĘCIA PIERWIASTKI PERFORMATYWNE W TWÓRCZOŚCI PRACOWNIKÓW WYDZIAŁU RZEŹBY UNIWERSYTETU ARTYSTYCZNEGO W POZNANIU ARTYŚCI: Janusz Bałdyga, Robert Bartel, Jarosław Bogucki, Marta Bosowska, Sławomir Brzoska, Tomasz Drewicz, Rafał Górczyński, Łukasz Gruszczyński, Jacek Jagielski, Karolina Komasa, Rafał Kotwis , Danuta Mączak, Martyna Pająk, Kazimierz Raba, Dawid Szafrański Muzeum Rzeźby Współczesnej 18 stycznia 2020 – 5 kwietnia 2020 Kuratorzy: Agata i Carlos Rodriguez Koordynacja: Annawięcej

The 11th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints

The 11th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints Submissions Submission Period: April 1 – April 30, 2020 About The Kochi Triennial Exhibition of Prints was first organized with the purpose of returning to one of the origins of the fine arts in order to rethink what they really mean in the modern world, where they are becoming increasingly diverse. It is also our hope to contribute to the evolution of woodblock art. Since the exhibition is hosted in Kochi, a world-class producer of Japanese traditional paper, artwork submissions are limited to those that use paper as the primary material. Every three years, the Exhibition unfolds new worlds of woodblock art with its warmth and richness of expression. Accepting high-quality submissionswięcej

Papaya Young Directors 7

Papaya Young Directors (PYD) is a competition aimed at aspiring directors in the film industry. The competition is based around developing films for PYD’s partners and sponsors. PYD helps filmmakers to produce ground-breaking films which will increase their visibility in the film and marketing industry. It also helps them create a portfolio, start networking, and work with the best. PYD will help you create your portfolio based on briefs from big companies. You will also be given the opportunity to work with some of the best creative directors in Poland. After becoming a finalist, you will be given a budget of 2 500 EURO to develop your idea further. You will also be given a list of companies that willwięcej

10th Students Art Fair | Christmas Edition

10th Students Art Fair | Christmas Edition 14 December 2019 (Saturday) UAP buildings A and B 12:00 – 18:00 Admission until 26 November 2019, 22:00 through the Google link → click. Przed Wami krótka relacja z grudniowych Targów Sztuki przygotowana przez Jeremi Pollak! Dziękujemy 🙌🔥💪 Widzimy się na edycji wiosennej! <3Miłego weekendu 🦄#targisztuki #UAP #samorzad Opublikowany przez Samorząd Studencki UAP Piątek, 11 stycznia 2019

Official results od the 1st International Review of Graphic Design in Poznań Ideografia 2019

We are happy to announce the official results od the 1st International Review of Graphic Design in Poznań Ideografia 2019! Among over 400 posters submitted to this year’s edition, the Jury selected a Grand Prix award in the competition and awards in two categories – Cultural Poster and Ideograph (self-edited poster). Laureates: GRAND PRIX: Shin Matsunaga for poster „Friendship no. 5” Main Award in category Cultural Poster: Tomasz Bogusławski for poster „Król Roger” Award in category Cultural Poster: Anna Chmielnik for poster „Festiwal Teatrów Niewielkich 15” Honorary Award in category Cultural Poster: Peter Javorik for poster „Dyplomy magisterskie 2018” Main Award in category Ideograph: Kenya Hara for two posters from the series „Poland / Japan” Award in category Ideograph: Dominikawięcej

Banality of Evil in Our Daily Lives | Call for Artists

We can all become victims of thoughtlessness in our daily lives. The Banality of Evil in our Daily Lives art competition is an open call for artists to communicate what they see as the banality of evil in our daily lives. It poses a challenge to communicate that which has never been communicated before and create a platform for groundbreaking ideas to be brought into our collectivity. Artists the world over are invited to submit work that will use art as the language to communicate their hopes in creating a new vision for the world. The competition aims to provide inspiration and solutions that address the most important crisis that faces humanity today: the loss of our humanity. The Banalitywięcej

Laureates of the 39th Edition of the Maria Dokowicz Competition for the Best Diploma Projectof the UAP

GRAND PRIX: in the field of Fine Arts Ms. Maja Michalska work Pyra, Ryczka, Laczki, czyli PRL po poznańsku Faculty of Graphic Arts and Visual Communication promoter prof. dr. hab. Andrzej Bobrowski in the field of Design Ms. Joanna Wiernicka work Rewitalizacja terenów dawnego PGR-u w Murzynowie – Kompleks Ceramiki i Rękodzieła Artystycznego Faculty of Architecture and Design promoter dr. hab. inż. arch. Eugeniusz Skrzypczak, prof. UAP   AWARDS in the field of Fine Arts: (The prize is a solo exhibition organized in one of the UAP Municipal Galleries in 2020) Ms. Józefina Kowalczyk work Poza monadę Faculty of Painting and Drawing promoter dr. Vladislav Radzivillovič, ad. Ms. Adrianna Pulit work Choice Faculty of Animation promoter prof. dr hab. Jacek Adamczak AWARDS in the field of Design: (The prize is a solo exhibition organized in onewięcej

Competition for the visual identity logo

more information:

Rector’s hours 7.11.2019

According to the UAP Rector’s decree,  7 November 2019 there will be Rector’s hours (no classes) from 15:00.

14th ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE – OPEN CALL dla artystów i projektantów / for artists and designers

14th ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE – OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS AND DESIGNERS Entries are open for the 14th edition of Arte Laguna Prize, the world’s most influential competition for emerging artists and designers, which showcases and promotes creative talents. With fourteen years of history, Arte Laguna Prize gives the opportunity to join a huge network of collaborations worldwide, exhibit in the breathtaking location of the Arsenale of Venice, win cash prizes of a total amount of 40.000 euro and much more. The Prize in numbers: » 47.000 artists from 120 countries » 1.470 works exhibited » over 100 international partners » 84 jurors » over 100.000 visitors EXHIBITION OF THE 120 FINALIST ARTISTS ARSENALE OF VENICE March 21 st – Aprilwięcej

1th Annual International Conference on Visual and Performing Arts

1th Annual International Conference on Visual and Performing Arts, 8-11 June 2020, Athens, Greece (Academic Responsible: Dr. Stephen Andrew Arbury, Professor of Art History, Radford University, USA). You are more than welcome to submit a proposal for presentation. The abstract submission deadline is 4 November 2019. If you need more information, please contact:

Rector’s hours in October

Dear All, According to the UAP Rector’s decree, the 17 October 2019 will be a Rector’s day (no classes) due to the official inauguration of the jubilee academic year 2019/2020. The day 28 October 2019 from 15:00 there will be Rector’s hours (no classes) due to UAP All Souls Day. The day 31 October 2019 will be a Rector’s hours from 14:00. The 1 November is a bank holiday (All Saint’s Day). There will be no classes those days, the classes will resume on 4 November.

Joanna Hoffmann-Dietrich | EpiMimesis at XII Biennale in Forence

The artistic project EpiMiemsis is authorised and developed by Joanna Hoffmann together with Epilab Team of devoted outstanding artists, scientists, engineers. Epilab Team members represent various fields of highest expertise which makes the project a real platform for communication & knowledge exchange between various milieus. Read more about the team here   photo source:

2019 Building 4Humanity Design Competition (B4H-DC) # 2nd edition

The NGO Building 4Humanity, Designing and Reconstructing Communities Association (Portugal) and Alliance of Architectural Modernity (Taiwan) are organizing the 2nd edition of the Building 4Humanity Design Competition (B4H-DC). In the 1st edition in 2018,  the B4D-DC received more than 60 entries, involved more than 200 participants, 90 experts-evaluators from all over the world, and distributed more than 11 thousand euros in prize money.  The 2019 Building 4Humanity Design Competition (B4H-DC) # 2nd edition welcomes applications from interdisciplinary teams composed of professionals or students. In 2019, the program brief address a pressing challenge of our times: the sheltering, integration and inclusion of the Syrian refugees.   Besides prize money for the three best  projects in each category (more than 15 thousand euros in total, with the support of our Taiwan partners), the Competition offers notable exhibition and publication opportunities for all shortlisted projects. We would highly appreciatewięcej

Call for panels | International Conference Connections. Between the word, the sound and the image: A Centery of Polish-Japanese Diplomatic Relations

CALL FOR PANELS AND PAPERS International Conference Connections. Between the word, the sound and the image: A Centenary of Polish-Japanese Diplomatic Relations 4-6 December 2019, Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU), Poznan, Poland The Department of Japanese Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) invite panel and paper proposals for the International Conference to be held on 4-6 December 2019 at AMU in Poznan, Poland. The centenary of establishing official relations between Poland and Japan encourages reflection not only on the stability and diversity of these contacts and on mutual fascinations, but also encourages to pay attention to what is so typical of Japanese culture ‒ the integral relationship of word (literature), sound (music) and image (art), their mutual interpenetration and its results.więcej

AIT-Scholarship of the Sto Foundation | OPENCALL

AIT-Scholarship of the Sto Foundation „Interior Scholarship“ 2019/2020 for 9th time already Interior Design students | as from the end of their second year Competition area: Europe Scholarship allowance in total: 24,000 Euros | Up to 1,000 Euros per month for one year Application deadline: 21 June 2019 APPLICATION DEADLINE FINALLY EXTENDED TO: 12 JULY 2019 In 2019/2020 talented Interior Design students will once again receive a monthly grant of up to 1,000 Euros for a period of one year (total subsidy: 24,000 Euros) to support their academic education. This Europe-wide initiative has been made possible by the financial support of the Sto Foundation. Interior Design studies or comparable degree courses require plenty of time and cause considerable costs. Oftenwięcej

Iwona Rosada and Faheem Ahamed awarded at Gwiazda Nocy z Designem / design competition

UAP graduates from the Faculty of Architecture and Design, Ms Iwona Rosada and Mr Faheem Ahamed won two first prizes at the design competition Gwiazda Nocy z Designem. Ms Rosada (1st prize) presented her work BALANS, created it the Inspiring Design Studio (Department of Design), under the supervision of prof. dr hab. Bogumiła Jung, prof. UAP Mr Ahamed (2nd prize) prezented his work DIPLOPOD, created it the Space Interpretation Studio (Department of Bionics and Landscape Design), under the supervision of prof. dr hab. Andrzej Wielgosz

Diploma Selection 2019 | Designblok – Prague International Design Festival

Diploma Selection 2019 Designblok – Prague International Design Festival in association with EUNIC Cluster CR announce sixth annual of Diploma Selection – an international competition for the best European diploma (graduation) work in the fields of product and fashion design. The sixth annual is open to all graduate students from European academies, art schools and universities who will graduate in the field of product and fashion design in 2019. Curators board selects the competition finalists out of all applicants. Product designers are assigned an exhibition space at the Designblok Openstudio (the central Designblok exhibition space which hosts about 40,000 visitors) in the Diploma Selection joint exhibition. Fashion designers are given the opportunity to present their collections at a Diploma Selection fashion show event.więcej

UAP Diploma Shows 2019

UAP Diplomas Shows 2019 Diploma exams of BA and MA full-time and part time studies | 03 – 21 June Faculty of Animation — BA diplomas Animation: CK ZAMEK. KINO PAŁACOWE ul. Św. Marcin 80/82 (18.06 godz. 9:00-13:30) LAB ul. Grochowe łąki 5 (19.06 godz. 12:30) — MA diplomas Animation: CK ZAMEK. KINO PAŁACOWE ul. Św. Marcin 80/82 (19.06 godz. 09:00-11:30) Faculty of Architecture and Design — BSc diplomas Architecture: UAP Bud. B Atrium (7.06 godz. 9:00-18:00, 10.06 godz. 9:00-18:00, 12.06 godz. 9:00-18:00) — MA diplomas Architecture: UAP Bud. B Atrium (14.06 godz. 9:00-18:00, 17.06 godz. 9:00-18:00) — BA diplomas Design: UAP Bud. A Aula (10.06 godz. 9:00-18:00, 12.06 godz. 9:00-18:00, 14.06 godz. 9:00-18:00) — MA diplomas Design: UAP Bud. A Aula (17.06 godz.więcej

UAP end of the year exhibition 2018/2019

UAP end of the year exhibition 2018/2019 27 May –01 June 2019 opening: 27 May 2019,  12:00 1st floor hall in UAP building A (al. Marcinkowskiego 29) opening hours: 12:00 – 18:00 During the end of the year exhibition 2018/2019 over 140 studios of University of the Arts Poznan will present results of many months of creative work. As each year, works displayed on the exhibition will represent different creative solutions made in various media. The presentation of students’ achievements will be also a great occasion to experience a wide spectrum of young artists’ ideas at the beggning of their artistic career. Due to the inclusion of studios presentation in the Poznań Art Week schedule, the visitors will have an opportunitywięcej

Publishing workshop Collaboration Now! | OPEN CALL

Do you work with photography/drawing/graphic design or internet? Join us! Together we will create, design and print a dummy! Our workshop is like all: portfolio, dummy review, mentoring program and artist residence in one! 4 days, international artists community and hectoliters of Club-mate – polish editors’ favourite 😉 How to take part in international workshop Collaboration Now! ? STEP BY STEP: – Read the quotes, be inspired – Describe an idea (around 500 characters) – Choose/take 3 pictures/graphics/collages – Write something about yourself or attach a bio – Submit! – Wait for our reply – During the workshop, together we will move your idea forward. The selection process is a competition because it is a FREE OF CHARGE workshop –więcej

Silver A’Design Award for Elżbieta Cios

We are happy to inform, that dr Elżbieta Cios (Unique Fashion Design, Faculty of Interior and Stage Design UAP) has been awarded by Silver A’ Design Award & Competition in the category Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design. Awarded project Lamella consist of multi-layered, hadmade fabric. Congratulations! Lamella Textile is a part of a research project „Eksploracja Mody/Exploration of Fashion” undertaken at the Faculty of Interior and Stage Design UAP. → more information  

Neighbourhood 2 | exhibition and conference in Lebus

Photo docummentation from the International Conference and Exhibitions Neighbourhood 2 at the Europäische Naturerlebnisstätte Oderberge Lebus, Germany, in which UAP proffesors took part. Artistic-scientific symposium and exhibition: 9 April –12 May 2019.

Invitation to participate in the artistic project of Krzysztof Wodiczko

Invitation to participate in the artistic project of Krzysztof Wodiczko Arsenal Municipal Gallery and Estrada Poznańska would like to invite all those interested to take part in the project by Krzysztof Wodiczko, one of the most internationally acclaimed Polish artists, who will organize a public space event in Poznań. All those interested in participation can meet us on Tuesday, 2nd of April, at 5:00 p.m. at the Arsenal Municipal Gallery. At the meeting, we will talk about planned activity and answer any questions you may have about the project. We invite foreigners living in Poznań who would like to share anonymously their experience and opinions on life in Poznań. The artistic event will use a device specially designed to facilitatewięcej

Athens Photo Festival 2019 | OPEN CALL

INTERNATIONAL CALL FOR ENTRIES Be part of the leading festival of photography in Southeastern Europe There is only one week left to submit your work to the Athens Photo Festival 2019. The selected works will be exhibited from 6 June to 29 July 2019, at the Benaki Museum / Pireos 138, one of the most prestigious museums in Greece. The Festival seeks to bring together emerging as well as established artists and photographers with the aim to reflect the diversity of photography and visual culture today. Through its expanded programming, Athens Photo Festival is committed to offering a dynamic platform for exchange of ideas, artistic expression and engagement with photography in all its forms. The Exhibition Program will feature workswięcej

AK30 – 30 days – 30 exhibitions | OPEN CALL

We invite all artists and creators interested in participating in the 9th edition of AK30. We are looking for those who would not only show us their art porfolio but also their flats or studios. AK30 is not a competition of artworks – we are waiting for your suggestions of self-presentation, your creativity and proposals of the space which you create in. We would like to remind you that the basic condition is the location of the vernissage – it must be connected with the artist or group of artists. You can not prepare the presentation in a university student’s studio or public gallery. The date of this year’s edition is April 26 – May 25, 2019. The detailed ruleswięcej

International project „From Noise to Sound“ and University of the Arts Poznan

We would like to announce that the start of the implementation of the international project „From Noise to Sound“ in which our institution is taking part of. The project is financed with the support of the International Visegrad Fund and gathers 4 international art institutions: University of Arts in Poznan, Poland; Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia; Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, University of Pecs, Pecs, Hungary coordinating institution: Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. The project tackles the issue of the contemporary sculpture with the special emphasis on sound installations in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia. The project will be implemented in the period of February 2019 and March 2020. The project is co-financedwięcej

John Court | sculpture-performative workshop

Sculpture-performative workshop with John Court dedicated to students interested in sculpture, spacial activities and performance. John Court is pleased to invite participants to create and build the structure of performative object – work from the cycle „Continuous moving object”. The finale of 3-day-long workshop will be a performative activity in public space and ICHOT Porta Posnania. John Court – intermedia artist, in his works he blends drawing, sculpture and performance. Proffessor at the University if the Arts in Helsinki. workshop: 20-22.03.2019, UAP courtyard – registration required: performance „Continuous moving object”: 24-25.03.2019 „Continuous moving object” with participants of the workshop Perfomance and workshop are events accompanying International Conference SCULPTURE IN PROCESS organised in the framework of the 100 years anniversarywięcej


Dear Applicants! You are very welcome to visitour University during Open Days that will be held on March 2nd (Saturday) and April 6th (Saturday). The event starts at 10:00 in Atrium, Builing B (23 Lutego st. 20, Poznań). Take this opportunity to explore our departments, meet proffessors and other students. note: all candidates interested in having a tour around school or having their portfolio reviewed in English are kindly asked to inform us about it via email 

Parallel Open Call 2019

Parallel Open Call 2019 February 1 – March 31 more info: This call aims to select 30 new artists and 6 new curators working with photography who will participate in the PARALLEL Platform 3rd Cycle, occurring between September 2019 and November 2020.  Those selected will be taking part in an innovative creative process, from the very beginning to the moment of the exhibition, together with 36 other new curators and artists. The jurors are looking for new curators who satisfy the following criteria: – are in the early stages of their career;  – show significant artistic potential;  – have an artistic engaged with contemporary discourse;  – haven’t yet attained international recognition; – have had NO MORE than 3 individual exhibitionswięcej

make me! an international contest for young designers at the Lodz Design Festival!

make me! December 10, 2018 – March 16, 2019 more info and application: The make me! competition is a key event of the Lodz Design Festival. Held since the second edition of the Festival, it is now one of the major international competitions for young generation of designers. The competition is addressed to designers, makers, students and graduates, especially from art and design disciplines. To all those that are impulsively triggered to design when noticing a need or problem. In make me! works are evaluated in two stages, by a specially-selected jury with diversified interests. First, we analyse the submissions and select 20 best projects to be displayed in the post-competition exhibition during the Festival. In the second stage we will select the winner of the main prizewięcej


On behalf of Rector of the University of the Arts Poznan we kindly invite all students, employees and friends of the University for a Christmas Gathering that will take place in Atrium on Thursday, 20 December at 18:00. You are very welcome to join us!


8th, X-mas edition of Students’ Art Fair in Univeristy of the Arts in Poznań is coming soon! Students’ Fair is an event which gives University’s Student and graduates an opportunity to show an sell their works. On 15th December you’ll have a chance to see unique works of art, design and handmade crafts which can become an excellent gift for your friends and family during Christmas time. What’s more, we will be also holding an Xmas Charity Sale, which will donate all its profits for refugees from Lesbos island. See you! We’ll be waiting for you in our Univeristy’s building. You will be able to see works of lots of artists and designers, listen to some good music and eat somethingwięcej

open-call Grand Prix Fotofestiwal

Terms and regulations of Grand Prix Fotofestiwal – official website 

November Rector’s Days

Dear Students, The Rector of UAP has announced 31st October (Wednesday), 2nd November (Friday) as Rector’s Days (free of classes). I need to remind you that 1st November (All Saints’ Day) is a public holiday. Classes will resume Monday, 5th November.

Inauguration ceremony of the academic year 2018/2019

Dear All, The Rector and the Senate of University of the Art Poznan have the pleasure to invite all students for the inauguration ceremony of the academic year 2018/2019 that will take place on the 8th of October 2018 at 11.00 in Atrium UAP (ul. Lewandowskiej 20). Programme of the ceremony: National Anthem Speech by UAP Rector prof. dr. hab. Wojciech Hora Gaude Mater Polonia Speech by the Representative of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Awarding of medals: state and ministerial decorations Speech by the Represenative of the Student Government Immatriculation of first-year students Inaugural lecture by professor Richard Wilson – Honorary Professor of The Royal Academy of Arts Gaudeamus igitur

Study in English programme – second admission round

Dear Applicants, Second admission round for first and second cycle Study in English programme is open until September 10th. You can find all information about our requirements and application process here. In case of any questions feel free to contact us via

International Office closed 23-27.08.2018

Dear All, we would like to kindly inform you that UAP International Office will be closed from August 23rd (Thursday) until August 27th (Monday). During those days please contact us via emails and only. We will reply to all messages as soon as possible. ~International Office Staff

Study in English applications for 2018/2019 Academic Year

Dear Applicants, the admission process for full-time Study in English programme is officially closed. Please check your emails to know your admission status. In case of any further questions feel free to contact us: International Office +48 61 853 00 18 ext. 107 +48 61 852 27 21

From Poznań to Hong Kong | New Destination for UAP Students

Thanks to the cooperation established in October 2017 between University of the Arts Poznań and Hong Kong Design Institute, Anna Jęchorek – a graduate of UAP and Bartosz Mamak – a PhD student of the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Visual Communication could spend summer semester of the academic year 2017/20-18 in Hong Kong. They had a chance to deepen their knowledge about Asian design and, at the same time, to promote Polish art of design abroad. During they stay, Anna and Bartosz worked as assistants to professor Jackson Choi Chi Kit at the Department of Communication Design and Digital Media. Throughout the 6 months they spent at HKDI they introduced local students to Polish design and Polish poster design,więcej

Czech International Award for Student Design 2018

Competition is established for Universities, High Schools, and Professional Schools of design, architecture, handicraft, and fine art in Czech Republic and abroad. Students of Universities, High Schools, and Professional Schools can participate in the competition, if they finished their studies at the latest in the summer semester 2015. Both individuals and author teams from Czech Republic or abroad can participate in the competition. All works from the widest spectrum of the term visual communication – e.g. graphic design (posters, books, booklets, visual styles, typography, experimental graphic design, interdisciplinary graphic design etc.) applied and advertising photography related to the design, graffiti, digital media, motion design etc. All student works i.e. final exam, semester, graduate and other own works in the field ofwięcej

UAP students nominations for ARTAGON IV in Paris

On the June 1st University of the Arts Poznań was hosting a jury of international contest ARTAGON IV – LA RENCONTRE INTERNATIONALE DES ÉTUDIANTS EN ÉCOLES D’ART. This event, organised since 2015, is being held with the support of Organizowane od 2015 roku wydarzenie odbywa się przy wsparciu French Ministry of Culture, the Mayor of Paris and Île-de-France region. This year, for the first time University of the Arts Poznań was tendered to participate in the contest and was represented by 9 our students on the Re-presentation exhibition, during Poznań Art week. Students who participated in the exhibition: Sara Winkler, Weronika Wronecka, Magda Pacek, Krzysztof Mętel, Ula Lucińska & Michał Knychaus, Kate NganWa Ao, Piotr Owczarek, Katarzyna Wojtczak, Tobiasz Jankowiak International ARTAGONwięcej

TALENT LAB open call | Athens Photo Festival

Last Chance to Apply for the Talent Lab Talent Lab is Athens Photo Festival’s artistic development programme intended for emerging photographers and visual artists. This programme offers 15 photographers with an intensive learning experience that seeks to further develop their creative practice and artistic voice, under the guidance of international photography experts. The lab is for photographers who are either working on a specific project or are eager to bring new perspectives to their work, providing them with the necessary tools to best approach the different phases of project development. The lab’s central focus is an intensive 4-day workshop from 25-28 June 2018, combined with an online follow up session in September 2018. The workshop is divided into 4+1 sessions,więcej

SUMMER CERAMICS WORKSHOP | Polytechnic of Leiria, Portugal

ESAD.CR will promote Portuguese Ceramics NOW!, an intensive ceramics workshop, during the last week of July. Information, programme and registration form is available here: Portuguese Ceramics NOW! Join us for this international ceramic experience! Framing the subject: The work on ceramic and pottery in Portugal is an ancestral, atavistic and transversal practice. Preserved as discipline and technique within the production of both, contemporary art and traditional culture, the art of ceramic exposes the social and cultural evolution of the country. Prior to the foundation of Portugal as a nation (in 1143), the use of ceramics in Iberian Peninsula reveal the multitude of people and traditions that have settled in the region through time. From the domestic and utilitarian routine towięcej

DAAD scholarships to Germany | informational meeting

All interested students and academic staff are welcome to join the informational meeting with Johan Görzen, representative from DAAD at Adam Mickiewicz University, Institute of Linguistics. meeting: Wednesday, 6th June, 14:30, room 02, build. B