CELEBRATION | Polish-Japanese Exhibition of Contemporary Art

POZNAŃ 31 May –16 June 2019
Meeting with artists and exhibition presentation: 31 May, 12:00, Gallery at the Courtyard of Stary Browar
Official opening: 31 May, 20:00, Atrium UAP, ul. 23 Lutego 20

CELEBRATION is a main theme of the exhibition organised for the 100 years anniversary of diplomatic relations establishment between Poland and Japan.

The first part of the exhibition has been opened 17 May in Kyoto, next one will be a part of Poznań Art Week organised by University of the Arts, lat one – in Szczecin. During the exhibition there will be presented works by more than twenty artists from Poland and Japan, who use different media, including performance, video, painting and sculpture.


Robert Kuśmirowski, Łukasz Surowiec, Maria Loboda, Karolina Breguła, Agnieszka Brzeżańska, Pio Bujak, Yuske Taninaka, Masanori Matsuda, Ryosuke Imamura, Tomohiro Higashikage, Yuriko Sasaoka, Okamoto Mitsuhiro, Hyslom ヒスロム, Ishibashi Yoshimasa, Meiro Koizumi, Makiko Yamamoto, Contact Gonzo, Stachu Szumski, Satoshi Kawata, Daniel Koniusz, Alicja Rogalskal

Paweł Pachciarek
Akiko Kasuya

Coordination: Iwona Chrząstowska, Piotr Grzywacz
Visual identification: Grzegorz Myćka
Organisation: Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu

The main partner and co-organiser of the event is Adam Mickiewicz Institute
Partners: Kyoto Art Center, Rohm Theatre Kyoto, TRAFO

Honorary Patronage of the President of the Poznań City
Honorary Patronage of the Japanese Embassy in Poland


29 May, 17:00
open lecture delivered in English
prof. Kasuya Akiko (University of the Arts Kyoto, curator of the Celebration exhibition)
„Between aesthetics and critical”
co-hosting: Paweł Pachciarek (University of Osaka, curator of the exhibition)
Atrium UAP, ul. 23 Lutego 20
Project cofunded from the budged of the Poznań City

30.05, godz. 15.00
Lecture and round table talk with Akira Tatehata and Paweł Pachciarek
Yayoi Kusama – The genius of Polka Dot Queen disapperance and rediscovery
Atrium UAP

30 May, 17:00
open lecture delivered in Japanese, translated to English
prof. Tatehata Akira (University of the Arts TAMA, Tokyo)
„Japanese contemporary art”
co-hosting: Paweł Pachciarek (University of Osaka, curator of the exhibition)
Atrium UAP, ul. 23 Lutego 20
Project cofunded from the budged of the Poznań City

31 May, 12:00
Meeting with artists and curators. Guided tour around the exhibition.
Gallery at the Courtyard of Stary Browar

31 May, 16:00
open lecture delivered in Polish
Anda Rottenberg, art historian and critic, former director of the Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw
„Celebration – współczesna sztuka polska i japońska”
Atrium UAP, ul. 23 Lutego 20

31 May, 20:00
Grand Opening
The introduction of the ideas of the project and meeting the artists
Piano recital – Shizuka Okumura

2 May,  17:00
Karolina Breguła, meeting with artist and film sreening
Atrium UAP, ul. 23 Lutego 20

The main idea behind this exhibition is to bring about some sort of – not imposed – cooperation and exchange between artists involved in this project. Through the residental stays of Polish artists in Japan, as well as Japanese artists in Poland, it will be possible to make the real meeting of those artists, who are using similar means of expression, techniques or issues touched in their art.

The relation between the categories of aestethics and criticism, as means of shaping the image of what one can call contemporary art and how they were transformed throughout the history of Poland and Japan, was a starting point for the presentation of relations betweent works of Polish and Japanese creators. From the today’s point of view, one can get an impression, than Japanese contemporary art turned more into seeking of aesthetical research, when Polish art is still immersed in the critical discourse.

Trying to investigate the sources of this situation, this exhibition will try to show the various tones of those two categories, that seem so distinctive, and to find the common ground between them, so the stereotypes in thinking about about contemporary art, and the culture of a particular country in general, could be exposed.

Particular parts of the exhibition will be presented at:
Gallery at the Courtyard of Stary Browar, ul. Półwiejska 42
Dom Książki, ul. Gwarna 13
Galeria Duża Scena UAP, ul. Wodna 20 / UAP Municipal Galleries
Galeria Curators’LAB, ul. Nowowiejskiego 12
Galeria :SKALA, ul. św. Marcin 49a
Arsenal Municipal Gallery, Stary Rynek 6
Biblioteka Raczyńskich (Raczyński Library), pl. Wolności 19
Music and Art Subsidiary of Raczyński Library in Poznan, ul Wroniecka 15
National Museum in Poznań, Al. Marcinkowskiego 9
University of the Arts Poznan, Al. Marcinkowskiego 29

Media patrons:
TVP Kultura
TVP3 Poznań
Magazyn Szum
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Czas Kultury
Magazyn KRAFT