Exhibition and lectures by Kasia Kujawska-Murphy

    Exhibition: Kasia Kujawska-Murphy, “Silence in Slow Motion”, Westbeth, West Village, New York City, 6.10.15; lectures:”Glucocorticoids and Other Elements in the Art Stream” by Kasia Kujawska-Murphy, School of Visual Arts, New York City, 17.11.2015; introduction for the screening of “Performer” – a film by Maciej Sobieszczański & Łukasz Ronduda at Columbia University, Roone Arlegde Cinema, Broadway, 23.11.15.



    Show of artworks accompanying the video-rehersal of ACTIVE RESISTANCE TO PROPAGANDA; monday, 22nd June 2015, 7-10pm at the Polish Theatre in Poznań.


    “NIE JA” – International Art Exhibition

    “NIE JA” – International Art Exhibition, BWA Katowice,
    Curators: Edyta Wolska, Kasia Kujawska-Murphy
    Coordinator: Ola Kujawska
    1-8 august 2014


    Competition for the best theoretical MA thesis

    The Organizing Committee of the competition for the best theoretical
    MA thesis, organized by the Faculty of Artistic Education, announces
    that all the eight submitted papers have been accepted and will be
    shortlisted for the second stage of the competition, that is peer
    reviewing. The list of participants is attached.

    StringThing by Martin Riches with a duet Things for Things by Makiko Nishikaze

    two-day exhibitionMay 19th – 20th  2013, Sunday/Monday, 12 – 4 pm

    NAPRZECIW, Solna Street 4, The University of Arts in Poznań



    two-day exhibition, April 21st – 22nd 2013, Sunday/Monday, 12 – 4 pm

    NAPRZECIW, Solna Street 4, The University of Arts in Poznań

    Wojciech Wroński



    Bogusz Bogatko – on the edge

    [ON]Gallery has pleasure to invite you to a special presentation
    Start: 12 July 2011, 10PM
    Shows from 12-22 July & 15-30 August 2011
    (address and phone no top be found @ http://galeriaon.asp.poznan.pl)


    Poles in London

    POSK Gallery, 238-246 King Street, Hammersmith W6 ORF London
    3-15 July 2011


    Nanae TSUCHIMA – The Visible and the Invisible

    art talk & book show

    Galeria&klub PIEKARNIA

    Tuesday, 28/06/2011 8PM


    XI Profiles 2011

    profiles of education: Studying Photography in Europe
    conference, exhibitions, presentations
    September 20-24, 2011, UAP
    more informations on website profiles.uap.edu.pl

    X Space

    X SPACE earth + human this is an exhibition, which will appear within ARENA DESIGN 2011 (25-28 05 2011) in three key points of Poznan city: on Old Market Square, in front of the entrance to Old Brewery (on Ratajczaka street) and in front of East Hall of International Poznan Fair.



    The University of Arts in Poznań, founded in 1919, throughout decades of continuous development became one of the best fine arts academies in Poland.

    The University aims to guarantee the best quality study opportunity for young artists through the work of professors, lecturers and administration members, knowing that art is described by cultural heritage of mankind.