Photography #evanescence | exhibition

Towards Photography #evanescence Duration 04/08 — 08/10 Closing 08/10   Max Radawski, „The Usual Absence of Things”Michał Bugalski, movie from the series „The Same From The Beginning” Anna Kędziora, „Earthworks (III)” Agnieszka Antkowiak, „The Past Cannot Serve As Future Anymore” Jarosław Klupś, installation from the series „Safety” Kamila Kobierzyńska, „Probability of Success of The Experiment” Mateusz Sadowski, „Falling, Enlarging, Rising, Repeating” Exhibition of lecturers from the Department of Photography at the University of Arts in Poznań. The unobvious and in fact still elusive status of photography, stretched between a document and an artefact, a record and creation, reconstruction and construction, is the central driving force in the history of this discipline, whose development is largely based on the constant verification of it’swięcej

Photography #editorial | exhibition

Photography #editorial Galeria Design Open: 7/08 — 08/10 Tue -Th 1—4 P.M. List of books: Marta Normington:, “Travel As a State of Mind”Paweł Bownik, “Urn” Dorota Stolarska, “Events” Stępień, “Photo Taken” Katarzyna Wąsowska, “Don’t Draw The Map of The Comet” Maciej Dziekan, ”In Any Shape Or Form” Paulina Orwat, “Paulina Orwat” Dorota Stolarska, “Glare” Noemi Markwas, “Lost” Kamila Berbecka, “The Geometry of Anomalies” Lisa Jurek, “KM” Magda Pacek, Untitled Aleksandra Korzonek, “Gęstwa” Maja Kopa, “Are The Kids Alright?” Joanna Czarnota, “So Quiet I’ts Dark” Book, as a well-known and appreciated form of presenting photographs, is more and more often chosen by students of artistic faculties. In order to provide them with a fuller education in this field, the Department of Photography at thewięcej

Nieoczywiste 2018 | exhibition

Nieoczywiste 2018 Galeria Curators’ LAB (ul. Nowowiejskiego 12) Tue.-Sun. 12:00–15:00 from August 3rd till August 8th Galeria Aula (building A UAP, Aleje Marcinkowskiego 29) Mon. – Fri. 12:00–15:00 from August 3rd  till September 29th Galeria AT (ul. Solna 4) Mon. – Fri. 12:00–15:00 from September 11th tillSeptember 28th closing: 28.09 Starurday, 19:00, Galeria Aula curators: Anna Kędziora i Max Radawski artists: Katarzyna Bojko-Szymczewska, Karolina Belter, Kamila Berbecka, Joanna Berg, Joanna Czarnota, Mateusz Furtas, Agnieszka Hinc, Lisa Jurek, Dorota Kaszuba, Evgeniia Klemba, Agnieszka Sikora, Jadwiga Subczyńska, Weronika Wronecka, Agnieszka Zdziabek Nieoczywiste 2018 (en. Unobvious 2018) is an exhibition of selected diploma works by graduates of the Department of Photography of University of the Arts Poznan. The diversity of artistic attitudes manifests itself in the variety of means of expression used. Imagewięcej

Krzysztof Balcerowiak | Pomiędzy / Between – exhibition

Between opening: August 6th, 18:00 Galeria R20 (Ratajczaka st., 20, Poznań) exhibition open till August 16th.  This exhibition is an invitation to a journey along with graphic objects. We begin with 21.03 at 12.00 and move between Day and Night and in the space between East – West. it is  an important way because of the consequence hidden behind my actions. Intimate meanings are shaped in the space between the object and the image. The exhibition is an interpretation of Japanese philosophy and Western tradition. The statement I make is a synthesis of my previous actions. The habilitation exhibition summarizes the road I travelled from the time of my studies (graduation project entitled My intimacy of the sign, 2001)  towięcej

Anastasia Starko | Dojrzałość – exhibition

Anastsia Starko Dojrzałość (en. Maturity) opening: 20 VII 2018, godz. 18.00 Galeria Rotunda, Al. Marcinkowskiego 29 exhibition open untill August 24th, 2018. tutor: prof. Stefan Ficner Anastasia Starko – artist, working in the fields of graphic arts, performance, collage and photography. She was a participant of many youth and group projects in Poland and Ukraine, she held number of solo exhibitions, since 2018 she has been a stipendist of the Gaude Polonia Programme of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Starko’s exhibition is a part of the Gaude Polonia Programme.

MFFA | Animator Pro

Animator Pro to branżowe spotkanie adresowane do profesjonalistów – z mniej lub bardziej ugruntowanym dorobkiem. Program I dnia (11.05) poświęcony jest zagadnieniu storytellingu i obejmuje: panel dyskusyjny z udziałem dyrektorów festiwali animacji z Wielkiej Brytanii, Kanady i Holandii oraz prezentację dotyczącą pełnometrażowego filmu Jeszcze dzień życia (Another Day of Life) i VR-owego projektu Wykreślona Warszawa. W dniu II (12.05) Animator Pro skoncentruje się na problematyce produkcji i dystrybucji filmów animowanych oraz wykorzystania animacji w działaniach marketingowych. / Animator Pro is an industry event for seasoned professionals and newcomers in the field of animation. Day 1 of Animator Pro (11.07) is dedicated to the art of storytelling, featuring a panel discussion with directors of animated film festivals from the United Kingdom,więcej

Lech Raczak | ‚Travelling through dreams and returns’ and ‚Misterium buffo’

Dear All, on the June 18th and June 20th at the yard of UAP (between buldings A and B) there will be possible to enjoy the performances by Lech Raczek, actor and narrator, who is coming back at the theatrical stage after nearly 40 years. 18th June, 21:00 – Travelling through dreams and returns (Podróże przez sny i powroty) with an accompaniment of Trio Targanescu, well-known musicians from Poznań. 20th June, 21:00 – Misterium buffo by Dario Fo in translation of Lech Raczek. Organizer: Orbis Tertius | Co-organizer: University of the Arts Poznan

TRZY PRACOWNIE | THREE STUDIOS | exhibition opening

We are pleased to invite you for the opening of the exhibition by the proffesors and students from three studios of Interdyscyplinary Deapartment of Faculty of Art Education and Curatorial Studies – I Drawing Studio, I Painting Studio and Studio of Opert Art Interpretations. opening: 21st June, 18:00 place: BWA, Jelenia Góra curator: Rafał Boettner-Łubowski

Master Degree diplomas exhibition | Faculty of Sculpture and Spatial Activities

We are pleased to invite you for the exhibition of diploma works by the Master Degree diploma UAP students from the Faculty of Sculpture and Spatial Activities. Opening: 16.06.2018 at 18:00 Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Poznań Aleje Niepodległości 34 Participants: Katarzyna Łukasik Monika Mazurkiewicz Joanna Rusinowska Anna Stawska Magdalena Janicka Celestyna Muszak Dawid Puszyński Piotr Socha Emilia Giecewicz Exhibition open from 18th till 22nd June, o7:30 – 16:30. Organisers: Faculty of Sulpture and Spatial Activities UAP Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Poznań University of the Arts Poznan

Ex-tension: The Dislocation of culture and pattern − Asian contemporary art exhibition

Ex-tension: The Dislocation of culture and pattern − Asian contemporary art exhibition 展出藝術家 Artists: 台灣 Taiwan:吳季璁 Wu Chi Tsung、李姿玲 Lee Tzu-Ling 、何灝 Ho How 印尼 Indonesia:阿里安山・卡尼阿哥 Aliansyah Caniago 越南 Vietnam:阮菲菲 Nguyen Oanh Phi Phi 中國 China:肖旭 Xiao Xu 澳門 Macau:張健文 Cheong Kin Man 策展人 Curator:李依佩 Yipei LEE Galeria Curators’LAB ul. Nowowiejskiego 12 czynne: wt – pt 13.00 – 18.00 sb – 12.00 – 15.00 nd – 13.00 – 18.00 01.06 – 10.07.2018 opening: 1.06; godz. 18.00 The exhibition presents seven contemporary Asian artists who think about the transmission of ideas in the dislocation of culture and pattern. The exhibition shows the rise and breakthrough of Asian art. From the traditional media: ink, lacquer, paper and so on, the contemporary artistswięcej